Lawmaker From Texas Who Fled State Won’t Say If She’s On Vacation

Texas State Rep. Jessica Gonzalez is now refusing to say whether or not she’s in Europe on vacation along with fellow State Rep. Julie Johnson and their partners. But, you know, a non-answer is kind of answer, isn’t it?

Both Gonzalez and Johnson were two of the Texas Democrats who ended up fleeing their state around mid-July and planned to stay until Aug. 7, all so they could disrupt quorum and prevent the passage of Gov. Gred Abbott’s election reform bill.

Nothing screams “I love America” like standing up boldly against the idea of election integrity, right?

via Washington Examiner:

“I don’t respond to rumors,” Gonzalez told the San Antonio Express-News when questioned whether she was on a vacation abroad. “No one has shown proof. These are rumors, period. End of story.”

The alleged international trip was first reported by Texas Monthly writer John Tilove, who said Gonzalez and Johnson hopped aboard a flight for a Portuguese vacation they had been planning with their romantic partners that was nonrefundable. The women were allegedly participating in the caucus meetings through Zoom calls.

Neither Gonzalez nor Johnson has conclusively denied claims that they are on vacation abroad, and neither has appeared in public since the allegations.

While these lawmakers were in D.C., they met with Vice President Kamala Harris and a few other key figures in the Democratic Party, seeking federal election reform laws. However, their efforts soon took a backseat after it was revealed that they were the source of an unexpected COVID outbreak.

Many of the individuals were photographed on the plane without masks, but hey, that doesn’t matter because they play for the right team, correct?

Gov. Greg Abbott has claimed on numerous occasions now that if and when these individuals come back to Texas, they will be arrested and then forced to vote on the legislation.

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