LeBron James Responds to Challenge From LA Sheriff to Add to Reward for Execution-Style Shooter: “Zero Comment”

Last week, when two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies were shot at point-blank range while sitting in their cruiser in Compton, Sheriff Alex Villanueva issued a daring challenge to far-left BLM mouthpiece LeBron James.

James, who has declared that black men are literally being “hunted” by the police from the comfort of his life of luxury and personal security, has now responded, and it’s absolutely shameful.

Villanueva had quite publicly challenged the millionaire NBA star to match the reward money offered by the Sheriff’s Department for any information leading to the arrest of the execution-style shooter, who has yet to be identified or located.

The county had put up $100,000 while private citizens have offered $75,000.

LeBron could easily, as a gesture of goodwill and general shared belief that you shouldn’t just shoot innocent police officers while they are sitting in their vehicle, unawares, throw a few thousand of his millions down to sweeten the pot so this terrorist could get caught.

But he apparently has no goodwill and does not believe that shooting anyone in cold blood is wrong.

This is how far-flung the left’s quite mainstream anti-police ideology has gone. James has refused to act or comment.

“I have zero comment on the sheriff,” he declared. Give the Sheriff credit here. To date nobody has been able to get James to shut his mouth on anything.

Just consider for a moment what he is choosing to say with these words.

Or perhaps he’s just too busy?

As Outkick notes:

It is no surprise to see LeBron running from the question. After all, he’s quite busy these days having a foundation aggressively texting random Florida residents trying to reach convicted felons. LeBron is looking around to pay fines so felons can vote (for Joe Biden) in the upcoming presidential election.

The urgent stuff first, right, LeBron?

Outkick, who is not worth half-a-billion like James is, saw fit to donate $10,000 towards the pot to try to catch this attempted cop killer.

“Outkick is pledging $10k to add to the reward for the capture of the shooter of the two LA police officers,” Clay Travis tweeted. “We challenge other athletes, coaches, leagues & sports media organizations to match or exceed our pledge.”

Good on them. Shame on LeBron although he knows no shame.

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