Legendary Rocker And Outspoken Conservative Ted Nugent Says Liberal Politicians And Their Policies Causing American ‘Heartbreak’

Legendary rock star and outspoken hunter and conservative Ted Nugent did a little interview with Newsmax in which he stated that Americans are “heart broke” due to liberal policies and the politicians who are putting them in place.

He’s definitely not wrong about that. Just a quick glance at all of the unemployment numbers and the flip-flopping on mask mandates, added to the push for vaccinations and you’ll see that’s true.

”There’s a universal pulse out here of heartbreak,” Nugent stated during his interview Friday on ”Eric Bolling: The Balance.” ”I know that’s what everybody of consciousness, goodwill, decency, and intellect, [who are] monitoring basic history and current events [feels]. We are heart broke at the abuse of power — the soulless, unfounded decrees by these liberal politicians that clearly just want to control.”

via Newsmax:

Nugent said that by controlling through decree and heavy regulation, Democrats are destroying the fabric of the nation.

”They want to hurt mom-and-pop America,” The Motor City Rocker said. ”I’m speaking to you from the freedom zone of Texas, and my beloved birth state of Michigan was always the epicenter of work ethic. Not anymore. Since the liberals and the Democrats have destroyed that, even though the pulse is alive and well, regulations are literally destroying the entrepreneurial ‘man in the arena’ work ethic that makes America [have] the greatest quality of life in the history of the world.

Nugent said he is part of a growing grassroots movement that is fighting back against these ideas.

”We have an organization called HunterNation.org,” he went on to say. ”It’s not really about hunting, but it’s getting the conservative, God, family, country, freedom, law-and-order families to get out there and to hammer our mayor, or senator, or congressmen, and governors to vote God, family and country. … Do not underestimate the boots on the ground that we are creating out here.

According to the organization, its mission is ”to be the united voice of the American hunter, to protect our sport, our lifestyle, and our heritage — while standing for the principles of God, family, country, and our nation’s Constitution.”

It focuses on the issues of hunting heritage, the Second Amendment, public land access for hunting and other uses, wolves and responsible predator management, and the retention and re-engagement of hunters in maintaining hunting’s legacy in the country and work to eliminate politically driven barriers to hunting.

Nugent then stated that the Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to “keep and bear arms” from the day of their birth and does not require the “paperwork” from big government bureaucrats to verify it.

He stated that he was told, ”We got constitutional carry in Texas.”

I had constitutional carry when I was born,” the rock legend said. ”I had First Amendment constitutional carry, nationwide, on every street corner, in every state, in every city, and I don’t need paperwork.”

”So here’s a little alert to the alphabet soup. You know, bureaucracies that are abusing power and infringing. The bureaucrats are infringing on a God-given right when I get up in the morning. I have the right to keep and bear arms in America. Period,” he concluded.


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