LEOs Warning About Rep. Jackson Lee’s Public Gun Registry Bill That Will Empower Criminals

The thing about gun control is that the only guns it ever seems to control are those owned by law-abiding citizens.

When the Democrats propose so-called “gun control” legislation, it inevitably always concerns the simple purchase and ownership of firearms and never the various means by which criminals obtain firearms.

If you have ever wondered why Democrat-run cities are so ravaged with gun violence despite all their gun control, this is exactly why.

In cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, the gun violence is certainly not originating with card-carrying NRA members, deer hunters, or trained concealed carry permit holders.

It’s originating with and being perpetuated by criminals, purchasing and possessing their weapons illegally for the sake of committing crimes.

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens are unarmed, all thanks to gun control.

It is criminals who would also be empowered by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s (R-TX) proposal for a national gun registry, which would not only make public information about who owned firearms, where they lived, and where they stored their weapons, but pave a clear path for the kind of gun seizures the Democrats aren’t even pretending they’re not interested in anymore.

BizPac Review reports that members of law enforcement are raising the alarm about the proposed legislation, which would also raise the legal age to purchase a firearm up to 21, require a “background check” as well as for the buyer to “complete a training course, and get a psych evaluation.”

“Family members, ex-spouses, and at least two associates or family members would also have to pass a psych evaluation for you to prove you are stable enough to own a military-style gun. The definition of ‘military-style is fluid evidently.”

So a woman who is divorced from a mentally unstable man would be prevented from purchasing a long rifle (because we all know what “military-style” means to these people) to protect herself should her ex-husband ever try to victimize her.

“But wait, there’s more…” the outlet continues.

Under the proposed legislation, “a gun owner would also have to get federal approval before loaning a gun to someone. If the legislation is passed, current gun owners will have three months to supply their gun information to the federal government. You will also have to fork over $800 for firearms insurance from the government.”

And as LEOs warn, the registry would enable criminals to target officers.

“What good is it for someone who I may have arrested to finally find where I live, see how many guns I have? To what end?” asks Kevin Hassett, president of the Retired Police Association of the State of New York.

He also poses the million-dollar questions: “How does that stop illegal firearms? How does that stop shootings?”

“Criminals don’t register their guns. … There will always be people who don’t comply with the law.”

“We’ve become a society where it’s easy to vilify [the police],” noted another retired detective, T. J. McDermott. “[Now they’re] turning police into victims.”

“You just let every criminal, anyone that’s bent on bad behavior or obtaining a gun illegally … know exactly where to go to find the guns,” he also noted.

The push to disarm millions of Americans with such gross violation of our natural rights and so little regard for facts, reality, and common sense is exactly why the Founding Fathers knew the people needed to be armed in the first place.

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