LOL! KJP Makes Things Awkward, Attempts a Cringey Joke and Crickets Follow [WATCH]

How are things going over at the Biden White House? They’re the same mess as usual, only now with the addition of jokes coming from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre so bad that they drew crickets from the press pool during the daily press briefing.

Watch that here:

As you can hear in the video, a reporter, asking about the recent news that Biden had gotten another positive Covid test and had to go back into isolation, asked how Biden was doing with having to go back into isolation after just coming out of it a few days ago.

KJP, responding, said “The day is still young, you’ll never know.

No one knew how to respond to the inane response, so the room went quiet in an incredibly awkward, cringe-inducing moment.

Obviously uncomfortable with the silence and wanting to move things along, KJP then had to explain that she’d attempted to make a joke, saying:

Just making a joke. Clearly, it was not funny. I will try harder next time to be more funny.”

Presumably, she meant “funnier” rather than “more funny,” but, regardless, the whole response was ridiculously bad and a poor attempt at humor.

Further, given Biden’s already poor-seeming health and the rising tensions with China due to Nancy Pelosi’s possible trip to Taiwan, Americans would much prefer to know how their president is doing than to get a non-response from his unfunny press secretary.

Then there’s that Biden tried to look healthy by going to the gym after he was released from Covid isolation about a week ago but is now being shuffled back into isolation with yet another positive test, a situation which is itself a headache for an administration trying to make a frail, nearly senile president look healthy and vigorous.

In any case, that wasn’t the only embarrassing moment for the Biden Administration, which was also caught flat-footed and somewhat embarrassed by the situation regarding its attempts to trade a Russian arms dealer for Brittney Griner, with John Kirby trying to explain away the lack of progress Team Biden has made on securing Griner’s release despite making such an absurd offer of a valuable arms dealer for an America-bashing basketball player caught smuggling drugs. In his words:

It’s just that they haven’t been willing to faithfully consider or even seriously consider the offer that we put forward. I would not say stalled. … We very much want to see Brittney and Paul come home to their families where they belong. They’re wrongfully detained there. And we’re just going to keep at that work.

So not a great day for Team Biden, which continues to shoot itself in the foot with one of the guns it didn’t leave in Afghanistan for the Taliban to claim, though Biden’s probably happy that he gets to watch Matlock reruns from his basement for a few more days.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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