Louisville Mayor Signs Executive Order Declaring Racism A “Public Health Crisis”

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Can you imagine if a Christian mayor signed an executive order declaring sin to be a “public health crisis”?

The meltdown would be catatonic. Even the most socially conservative American tends to bristle at any official state declaration on such a weighty spiritual matter as sin.

In fact, our nation was kind of founded on keeping the government out of the personal consciences of individual Americans.

So why is declaring racism a “public health crisis”, which is the attitude someone has in their heart towards another human being first and foremost, acceptable?

I’ll tell you why: because critical theory has replaced Christian morality in this day and age and is the new religion of the progressive left.

They’re not interested in preserving ideological liberties, they’re interested in pushing their secular humanist Marxism as the primary moral system in leu of the time-tested Biblical values on which our nation, and every nation that has sought to protect individual liberty and civil rights, was based.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has signed an executive order called “Advancing Racial Equity for Black Louisville” which declares racism is a “public health crisis,” according to the Post-Millennial, who cites local Wave 3 News.

The order states that the declaration has been made “[in] light of the tragic death of Breonna Taylor and recognizing the imperative need to address the impacts of racism and dismantle systemic racism.”

The executive order professes to be intended to “acknowledge and address the societal, physical and mental health impacts on Black residents and all Louisvillians.”

The order contains seven initiatives meant to address racism within the city, the first of which is—say it with me now–“reimagining public safety.” This includes a section on “community policing,” because of course it does.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but sending social workers into situations that require trained and armed peace officers is not going to be conducive to “public health” in any way, shape, or form.

Another initiative in the order plans to “eliminate barriers to voting”—in case you were at all in doubt that this was a blatantly political move aimed at promoting progressive narratives rather than confronting anything that’s actually harming the people of Louisville in any way.

Naturally, it aims to expand mail-in voting options—since it’s totally not racist to assume POC are less capable of voting in person than white people, no, not at all, Mayor Fischer. It also encourages the state government to give convicted felons the right to vote after being freed from prison. Naturally.

The PM notes that:

Louisville City Council voted “no confidence” in Mayor Fischer, who is currently serving his third term as mayor, over his handling of the death of Breonna Taylor and the subsequent unrest which plagued the city over the course of the summer. Two police officers were shot and a business owner was killed during the protests.

No mention is made about the only real public health crisis in Louisville. Murder, mainly black on black crime. Sixty-five percent of the murder victims in Louisville are black. And they weren’t killed by police or white people. Breonna Taylor who made questionable lifestyle choices like dating drug dealers was killed in a shootout while police executed a search warrant for drugs after her boyfriend fired on officers first in a dark hallway.

The city of Louisville has experienced the most murders in the city’s history as of September. They are among 20 US cities seeing a 50% homicide rate increase. Thirty-five percent of the murder victims are between 18 and 34. The largest category.

That these heartless liberals put out a news release on a phantom racism crisis in Louisville displays their cluelessness. They are whistling past the graveyard. They want us to move along on this. Nothing to see here.

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