Man Shot In No-Whites-Allowed Minneapolis Autonomous Zone As Trail for Cop Accused of Killing George Floyd Begins

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

While the CHOP/CHAZ “autonomous zone” in Seattle over the summer of 2020 was praised as a “summer of love” by Mayor Jenny Durkan before several people were shot and two—both young, black men—were killed within the “block party,” as she had also previously referred to it.

Meanwhile, there has been such an autonomous zone surrounding the site where George Floyd was killed last year in Minneapolis that has received considerably less attention—yet now appears to be every bit as deadly and lawless as its Pacific Northwestern counterpart.

The zone also reportedly does not allow cops, snitches, or white people, according to the Washington Examiner. Don’t know what any sane white person would want to go there anyway. Besides that, not allowing whites allowed is as offensive a saying as is, no blacks allowed, no Jews allowed, no gays allowed. It’s repulsive. Black Lives Matter has become the new face of racism in America. This is cultural rot.

On Saturday, a man was shot in what is referred to now as George Floyd Square and later passed away at the hospital.

There were reports of a second victim, but he was not located.

Here is footage of the shooting itself (warning: graphic).

When police showed up to aid the victim, who was reportedly black, the BLM activists who are guarding the zone reacted with the predictable resistance.

Maybe they later claimed that police refused to come and help—as that’s what would happen when first responders tried to get into the CHAZ last summer, when in reality they were being blocked by unruly residents of the lawless zone.

Red State notes that back in September, as they reported, police were again prevented from accessing the victim of a crime in the “autonomous zone.”


This all comes as the city of Minneapolis has settled with the family of George Floyd while attorneys for the former police officer accused of killing him, Derek Chauvin, has requested his trial, set to start this week, now be delayed.

Something tells me whatever the outcome of his trial, we can expect more violence and rioting.

Just a hunch.


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