Man Who Called Shooting of LA Deputies “A Good Start” Worked With Mayor Garcetti’s Office On “Cultural Competency Programs”

An LA activist who called the ambush-style attempted slayings of two Los Angeles Sheriff Department “a good start” that “lightened” his heart once worked with Mayor Eric Garcetti to create “cultural competency programs” (whatever that means).

Kevin Wharton Price of the Africa Town Coalition, The Western Journal reports, is a well-established activist in Los Angeles and one of the sick individuals who gloried in the shooting of the two officers on Saturday.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported that Price livestreamed his elation on Sunday, calling the two wounded LEOs “two of America’s most notorious gang members” and that the attempted assassination was the “start of retribution” and a “good thing.”

“I’ve been depressed but this right here has lightened my heart because the sheriff’s department has murdered too many of our brothers and sisters,” Price declared. “So if this is a start of retribution, then I think it’s a very good start.

“And for those who may not like the tone or how I come off … I get tired of seeing mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers sad as f— because their family member has been dead, murdered by law enforcement…

“I need the people to get out there and take our f—ing streets back, because black lives matter.”

Notice that this imbecile said nothing about the black on black murder in Los Angeles and other urban centers that kills more black people on a daily basis than all police officers defending themselves combined. No. He just whistles past the graveyard on that truth.


Price was among the “protesters” who shouted “we hope they die” outside the hospital as doctors worked to save the critically injured officers.

“We’re going to go up here and just check on these murderers right here and see what’s up,” he told his followers in a separate livestream, according to The Daily Mail.

As WJ notes, while Price is clearly a sick troll, he’s not the only one on the internet.

He is, however, a troll who just so happens to have worked with the sitting mayoral administration in Los Angeles, which is very different than some loser white supremacist who lives in his mom’s basement and complains about interracial marriage on 4Chan.

Despite having led protests against Asian-owned convenience stores in 2017 that touted, among other things, the slogan “No More Korean Merchant Parasites,” Price was picked by the Garcetti administration to hold reeducation programs for Korean business owners, apparently.

As WJ’s C. Douglas Golden explains:

Price and the Africa Town Coalition worked with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s administration and the Korean American Federation in order to, among other things, create “cultural competency” workshops. These workshops would have been, according to the Los Angeles Times, “for business owners to teach them communication skills and the historical context for specific communities, possibly devising a score that would be posted at each store like restaurant sanitation ratings.”

After several meetings between Price’s group and Garcetti’s administration, the Times reported, the city decided not to follow through on this lawsuit-baiting plan. According to the paper, both the mayor’s office and the activist group moved on to other priorities.

That there is a crazy person in the leftist activist community who is enraptured because of the shooting of two deputies doesn’t surprise me in the least.

What does surprise, however, is the fact that the city administration met with him and his group after they tried to economically choke a liquor store by protesting outside with virulently racist signs. The Garcetti administration then decided they should be given a seat at the table to broker some kind of solution. We can be thankful they didn’t reach one.

Cultural competency programs? It’s a fancy slogan for cultural rot.


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