Marcellus Wiley Unloads On Black Lives Matter After They Appear to Downplay Their Radical Platform

It’s pretty ironic that, in an era when mainstream progressive corporate culture and radical insurgency movements alike pontificate about systemic racism, the loudest display of racism we see in reality is the false equivalency between these views and all black people.

The well-represented faction of black Americans who still support the police, believe in the rule of law, and oppose the Marxist, radical ideology of the Black Lives Matter movement are completely and utterly ignored by virtue-signaling white leftists.

While over on ESPN, hosts have been pushing this radical leftist ideology for years, Fox Sports 1 is clearly still tuned into reality and Marcellus Wiley, hardly the first black athlete to do so, is slamming the BLM movement for seeming to cover their tracks.

Last week, we reported that the website for the Black Lives Matter organization that inspired the movement by the same name deleted their “What We Believe” page where previously you could find their emphatic commitment to, among other things, destroying the nuclear family unit. The Democrats did a good job of that with their creation of the welfare state in the sixties

Wiley, like many Americans, seems to understand that at the core of the issues that the black community is struggling with is the destruction of the family unit and the epidemic of absent fathers that leaves millions of young black men with no positive role model, leadership or accountability.

When we ask why black men are interacting with police at such high numbers, we must look at factors contributing to high criminality, recidivism, truancy leading to school failure, out-of-wedlock births and other questionable lifestyle choices. High numbers of broken homes would ravage any community. This isn’t about race. This is about culture and what government dependency does to generations of Americans who are told by money-grubbing politicians they’re not responsible for their problems or their own welfare.

“Heard too many people tell me that I was wrong for misinterpreting BLM’s mission statement and I took their words out of context,” Wiley, a former NFL defensive lineman and member of Fox Sports 1’s “Speak for Yourself,” wrote on Twitter on Monday.

“You were saying??? #factsoverfeelings #apologyaccepted,” Wiley added, including a video of himself in June explaining why he opposed the NBA painting “Black Lives Matter” on their courts.

“Seems some have forgotten I navigated from the bottom of this system. I planned & worked to succeed by any means, whether by using my brain or my body! Blessed to be an example of how important a nuclear family is to reaching your full potential. My experience is my expertise,” he explained.

Wiley is throwing an oft-cited line from the progressive left right back in their faces. If white people, inexperienced as they are with what it’s like to be black, lack the expertise to address these issues, why don’t we listen to the black Americans who know first-hand the impact a strong family unit and taking personal responsibility can have on one’s success in life?

Black Lives Matter is living a lie.

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