Mark Morgan Says Millions Of Migrants Could Potentially End Up Crossing The Border Illegally

Former acting Border Patrol commissioner Mark Morgan spoke with Newsmax on Thursday, saying that “historic numbers” of immigrants have crossed the border illegally since Biden was sworn in as our president if things continue going the way they are going,  “we’re going to be looking at 1.6 million to 2 million apprehensions.”

“(There was) 180,000 in a single month, and now we’re looking at four months of back-to-back historic numbers,” Morgan, who is now a contributor for right-leaning network Newsmax, said on “Wake Up America” while issuing a response to newly released numbers from Customs and Border Protection.

via Newsmax:

According to the new report, more than 180,000 people tried crossing into the United States over the Mexican border, marking a new 20-year high.

“Just within the first 120 days of this administration, we’re looking at over 600,000 apprehensions,” Morgan went on to say. “Those are historic numbers.”

The 180,034 apprehensions cited in the report are an increase of less than 1% from the numbers reported in April when 178,854 people were stopped, reports The New York Post.

Meanwhile, 173,337 illegal immigrants were apprehended in March, making 2021 the first year where more than 170,000 were recorded in three straight months since 2000. That year, at least 180,000 illegal immigrants were stopped during each month for the first four months of the year. The numbers in 2000 topped 211,000 in February and 220,000 that March.

Morgan then said that the numbers that have been shown do not seem to include the estimated more than 200,000 folks who have already managed to get by the Border Patrol agents and have come over successfully to our nation.

“Those individuals have gotten past Border Patrol and entered into this country and made the way to every major metropolitan city in this country, and let me tell you, those aren’t the most upstanding citizens that are getting away and entering our country,” Morgan explained. “They are not sending their best and brightest, short of the kids, who you feel bad for.”

And as a result, with the apprehensions who have been reported plus the “gotaways” there is already almost a million people who have entered the United States this year, Morgan pointed out, calling that number “absolutely unbelievable.”

“In four months, they’ve already surpassed the total number of apprehensions of the entire fiscal year 2020, yet this administration continues to say there’s nothing to see here. It’s not a crisis,” said the former commissioner of the Border Patrol.

Morgan then said he finds it “insulting” and “disrespectful” that Vice President Kamala Harris has chosen not to visit the border and assess the situation in person.

“At the same time she was in Guatemala, the Border Patrol was conducting another funeral of an agent that died of COVID in the line of duty,” he added. “That’s more than 30. “

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