Mark Morgan Slams VP Kamala Harris, Says It’s Not Surprising She’s Missing On Afghanistan

According to former acting Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan, Vice President Kamala Harris has been trying to do everything in her power to distance herself from the current Afghanistan debacle that President Joe Biden has created, stating that it “shouldn’t be surprising” that she’s currently missing in action.

“Since the first day she was appointed a border czar (she has) tried to do everything to distance herself as far as she could with respect to what’s going on in our own borders,” Morgan, who served under former President Donald Trump, went on to say on Newsmax’s “The Count.”

via Newsmax:

Harris ended up traveling to the Northern Triangle countries in Central America rather than to visit the border here in the United States, and only made a border trip after Trump said he was going to tour sites, said Morgan.

But even then, Morgan stated, Harris “didn’t go to the physical border.”

And now, the vice president has been largely quiet on the growing situation in Afghanistan, not making any appearances until Friday, when she stood silent and masked, behind Biden as he addressed the nation.

“We’ve been saying since day one that they’ve been misdirecting and spinning and quite frankly, Biden lied to the American people about the southwest border…and now Afghanistan’s the same thing,” Morgan stated. “We’re seeing it unfold in front of our eyes, that they’re still continuing to lie to the American people.”

“Just like the cartels, terrorist organizations resolve to do harm to the United States is stronger than ever,” he went on to say. “They’re looking for opportunities to exploit, they’ve been looking for vulnerabilities and they’re going to find it in our southwest border.”

Morgan is right about Harris. She’s probably the most unpopular individual to occupy the office of Vice President, and it doesn’t look like she’s ever going to do anything that would change that perception anytime soon.


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