Mark Morgan Tells Newsmax Host Trump Will Visit Epicenter Of Border Crisis, Unlike Harris

According to Mark Morgan, the former commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, former President Donald Trump will be visiting the front lines of the current border crisis in Texas, unlike Vice President Kamala Harris who visited El Paso last week.

“When you have a hurricane or another natural disaster, you don’t go on the outskirts where there was some minor damage,” Morgan, who is currently a  Newsmax contributor, stated during his appearance on the  “Wake Up America.” program.

Morgan then stressed that all 9 sectors that are located along the southwest border are in a crisis situation, which does include El Paso, however, things in the McAllen area, which is where Trump and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will be visiting, things are far worse.

via Newsmax:

Just like with the aftermath of a major destructive storm, “you go to see the devastation and talk to the men and women that were there, (who) have lost their livelihoods,” Morgan stated.

Abbott and Trump will be talking to law enforcement and others who can “actually be honest” with the American people about the unmitigated immigration crisis.

Harris’ trip, in comparison, was a “choreographed” visit, said Morgan.

“It happened just as we thought it was going to happen,” he went on to say. “This was going to be more no more than a bunch of choreographed very nicely choreographed photo opportunities … she didn’t even go to the actual border … she was about 1,000 miles away from the Rio Grande Valley, She didn’t even go to the actual border, in between the ports of entry.”

Morgan pointed out that he has been ‘between the ports of entry” just a few feet away from where the wall system had been built.

“We were there with angel family moms, talking about the loss of loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens,” he added. “We were talking to sheriffs, not just border town sheriffs but sheriffs from throughout the country that expressed to us again and again, and what happens on the border doesn’t stay at the border.”

Harris, during her visit, also laid blame on the Trump administration for the current problems at the border, including the remain in Mexico policy, but Morgan said that everything she said was a lie, including her complaints about the Trump era zero-tolerance policy.

“We’re going on almost 3.5 years since that policy was ended by President Trump,” Morgan stated , then adding that Harris’ comments were “more spin, more misdirection, and more lies to the American people.”

Morgan said that Harris was far more concerned about “good photo ops” then actually tackling the issue by talking to angel families or local law enforcement concerning the “destruction that is causing in their communities.”

“She sure didn’t ask really honest questions to seasoned Border Patrol agents about hey, is this a crisis … there wasn’t a single question that was asked of anything remotely coming close to substance that she should have been asking,” he concluded.

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