Math Association Declares That Math “Inherently Carries Human Biases”

In an era in which “the science” is treated as though it is an infallible decree from the heavens, “math” has now been declared to “inherently” carry human biases.

I.e., math, the science of counting and calculations, is racist. This is lunacy to the power of ten. No pun intended.

The Post-Millennial reports that, on Friday, the Mathematical Association of America released a statement calling on mathematicians to engage in “uncomfortable conversations” about race. That is dog whistle for dumbing down mathematics so everyone can participate in its understanding.

Even if it were necessary for mathematicians to do this, you’d think they’d be discussing perhaps the number of minority students who pursue mathematics or a lack of diversity in the mathematics departments of major universities.

But no, they literally claimed that the system of math was racist, as if that were even possible. Like NASA could have gotten a rocket to the moon using this stupidity.

I mean, to be fair, they’re not logicians or philosophers, but still, aren’t mathematicians supposed to be at least somewhat intelligent?

The statement first touched on mask mandates, which, as any sensible person knows, probably requires an expertise in political science and or legal precedent to discuss.

Simply being able to work your way out of a calculus equation doesn’t automatically equate robust constitutional scholarship.

“Thanks to science and mathematics, we understand now that masks, social distancing, frequent, rapid, mass testing, and contact tracing are all fundamental to keep our communities safer during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the association wrote.

Oh my God. I’m waiting for a hockey sticks experiment on wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus like with global warming.

“Yet policies at the federal level have not consistently reflected these facts; for example, choosing not to incorporate a mask-mandate in the US has had serious consequences.”

Again, this is why we do not listen exclusively to “the doctors” or “the scientists” or even “mathematics” to form policy.

Now, in case these mathematicians weren’t out of their element enough as it was, they went on to deride the Trump administration for banning government training on “critical race theory” and “white privilege.”

“As mathematicians, we notice patterns – this is something we are all trained to do. We bring these Executive actions to our community’s attention for several reasons: we see the pattern of science being ignored and the pattern of violence against our colleagues that give voice to race and racism,” the statement continues.

“We need to fight against these patterns. As educators, we also recognize the threatening pattern of banning education and withdrawing education funding to suppress conversations on race and racism, extending from elementary to postsecondary institutions to the workplace and research spheres.”

I don’t know about you, but where I come from, this is an opinion. And it is a stupid one at that.

Nothing more, and nothing less.

Weirdly, they try to tie this statement, so far deviated from their academic field, back to math, calling out the “biases” that counting and calculating somehow “inherently carries.”

“It is time for all members of our profession to acknowledge that mathematics is created by humans and therefore inherently carries human biases. Until this occurs, our community and our students cannot reach full potential,” wrote the group (emphasis mine). “Reaching this potential in mathematics relies upon the academy and higher education engaging in critical, challenging, sometimes uncomfortable conversations about the detrimental effects of race and racism on our community. The time is now to move mathematics and education forward in pursuit of justice.”

OMG. What?

How does this make any sense at all?

Do they really believe this, or do they just feel pressured by the actually inherently biased academic community to make their own contribution to “conversations about race”?

In the end, 2 + 2 still equals 4. Just use your black, brown, white, male or female fingers to count. It’s why they call it arithmetic, a derivative of mathematics, the theory of numbers. The result is the same in any race or gender.


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