Miami Beach Forced To Declare Emergency And Extend Curfew After 1,000 Arrests And Huge Traffic Jams Amid Out Of Control Spring Break Madness

Officials in Miami Beach, Florida have now declared an emergency due to the actions of an “unruly” mob of spring breakers has led to a thousand arrests across the city.

According to a story published on TheBlaze, a report was put out by the Associated Press on Monday that the crowd  — who didn’t wear masks — gathered in Miami Beach by the thousands and then ended up engaging in fighting and destroying restaurant property and a whole lot more.

“In a late Sunday meeting, Miami Beach officials voted to extend an 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew for another week as the crowds have become a “serious threat to public safety.” The curfew could extend “well into April” if necessary. The curfew has also forced restaurants to stop outdoor dining and has encouraged other local businesses to shut down altogether,” TheBlaze report said.

Authorities have stated that crowds like this are not typical of spring break, noted that none of these people look like college students, but adults who are looking to let loose in one of the few states that is open during the pandemic.

According to the AP story, “More than half of the more than 1,000 arrests were from out of state, said City Manager Raul Aguila, adding many are coming ‘to engage in lawlessness and an anything goes party attitude.'”

These people aren’t pouring money into the local economy by visiting restaurants or buying things at local businesses.

“Officers in bulletproof vests dispersed pepper spray balls Saturday night into a defiant, but mostly nonviolent crowd, refusing to submit to the curfew that had only been enacted four hours earlier,” the news agency went on to say. “Some people responded by jumping on top of cars, twerking and throwing money into the air.”

By Thursday a number of impromptu street parties erupted and Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements stated that the fights prompted stampedes that left people injured. When Friday rolled around, at least one restaurant had been trashed by partiers after violence erupted.

“After gunshots were fired, a young woman cut her leg so badly in a stampede that she was transported to the hospital where they initially thought she had been shot, police said,” the news outlet said.

“We couldn’t go on any longer,” Clements explained, pointing to the vote held on Sunday. “I think this was the right decision.”

An argument can be made that the overreaction by city officials to call for a curfew triggered the melee. People are tired of being controlled by the government for ordinary public behavior. They are no longer afraid of a flu virus that has always had a 99.9% survival rate for all but the elderly or people with compromised immune systems. They are also done with the mandated mask order. It is doubtful that senior citizens or people with compromised immune systems were part of the street party.

Managed risk has always been a part of the American mindset. People want to get back to that.

Trust this. If Black Lives Matter had assembled in Miami Beach, it’s doubtful that an impromptu curfew would have been called or mass arrests made.


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