Michigan AG Admits Guest On Tucker Carlson Show Was Arrested For Appearing On The Show

Tucker Carlson recently closed out his evening program on Fox News by providing an update on Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, a restaurant owner who recently appeared on his show. Pavlos-Hackney was catching heat from the state of Michigan after it was revealed that she did not require using masks or social distancing in her place of business. Many establishments have complained that all of the restrictions, especially ones limiting capacity, have made it almost impossible for them to be profitable.

According to Bongino.Com,  Pavlos-Hackney was arrested not long after her appearance on the show and wasn’t released until she paid a $15,000 fine and had her restaurant shut down. The state has threatened to lock her up again if she tries to open her business again.

And the timing of all this was not a coincidence. Tucker actually covered her arrest on his program on the 20th, stating that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel put out a press release bragging about the woman’s arrest. More details have come out that point to Nessel herself having a role in Pavlos-Hackney’s arrest.

“Dana Nessel is out of control. She is an ideologue, she cares only about partisan advantage. She should be impeached by the Michigan legislature for her many abuses of power. She’s that corrupt. But she’s also a bit of a dim bulb. Not a super genius. That’s why, when she was asked why she put Marlena Pavlos-Hackney in jail, Nessel actually admitted the real reason. She didn’t make up some fake legal principle,” Tucker said on his show.

“She said straightforwardly that Marlena Pavlos-Hackney had dared to come on this show at 8:00 PM and complain about her. That’s no longer allowed. To compound the offense, Pavlos-Hackney tried to raise money for her own legal defense. That, too, is now a crime in Dana Nessel’s Michigan,” Tucker continued.

“Sound like America to you? No it doesn’t. It sounds like dictatorship. Dana Nessel is a threat to the rule of law, the law that she was charged with enforcing and she should be removed immediately,” Carlson finished.


These tyrant Michigan elected officials have forgotten that they are public servants and derive their authority from the consent of the governed. What residents of Michigan consent to having their businesses shut down and thrown in jail?


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