Michigan Rep Who Called on “Soldiers” to Fight “Trumpers” Lashes Out At Biden-Harris: “They Owe Us”

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

A Michigan state congresswoman who was booted from her committee assignments earlier this week after calling on “soldiers” to push back against “Trumpers” and “make them pay” has now lashed out at the (supposedly) incoming Biden-Harris administration, claiming they “owe” her home district of Detroit.

Democrats are always so much fun, aren’t they?

BizPac Review reports that Rep. Cynthia Johson has posted a new video message in which she declares that “Biden-Harris administration owes the city of Detroit.”

Just last week, Johnson ignited backlash over her treatment of Trump legal team witnesses before filming a video message in which she had called on her “soldiers” to make “Trumpers” “pay.”

BPR notes that, naturally, “Facebook and Twitter apparently had no issues with the rants and have neither flagged nor removed them.”

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield later announced that Johnson had been removed from several of her committee assignments thanks to her unhinged behavior.

Johnson, like any sober-minded and contrite person, took to social media once again to rant via video message.

It’s gotten a lot more difficult for politicians to hide their stupidity and insanity since the advent of social media, hasn’t it?

Johnson declared that she was “not worried” and, just to underscore her own willingness to reveal her crazy, said she had put her life “on the line” and that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris owe her and her city. That is a liberals typical entitlement mentality. Somebody owes her just for being

“I’m good. I’m okay, I’m not worried,” Johnson stated in the video. “I’m not going underground. I’m not changing my f—ing phone number. I ain’t doing none of that!”

“But we gonna change some sh-t that’s been going on in the city of Detroit, things that have happened to our people and our community,” she continued.

“Oh yes, the Biden-Harris administration owes the city of Detroit. Oh yes,” she ranted on.

If you’re wondering what she’s talking about, so are we. She did not elaborate.

“I put my life on the line for not only the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the city of Detroit. I put my life on the line for justice, for democracy. And mind you, I never called anyone out their names unless they’re liars, or dumba–es,” she declared, again not elaborating on what the **** she’s even talking about.

During a hearing of the Michigan House Oversight Committee which examined allegations of voter irregularities in the state, Johnson accused witnesses of “lying.”

“It may not be done under the state, but you’re allowing people to come in here and lie, and I know they’re lying!” she yelled to President Donald Trump’s legal team during the hearing.

Johnson behaves this way because she has been given license by the voters of Detroit to do so. When the Michigan House Speaker removed her from her post, he should have also ordered a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is even fit to serve.

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