Most Prominent Chapter Of Black Lives Matter Sets Sights On Police Unions

The most prominent chapter in radical  left-wing organization Black Lives Matter has officially launched a campaign that is targeting police unions as part of its current effort to defund and totally abolish the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to a new report from the Daily Wire, the LA Times recently stated that the Black Lives Matter-LA chapter is “targeting two of Southern California’s biggest police unions, saying they will push to have them ejected from the powerful Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and ultimately disbanded.”

Members of BLM and folks who are considered allies of the group started protesting last week outside of the ACLU of Southern California, which is located right across from the Los Angeles Police Protective League headquarters. This union represents 9,800 LAPD law enforcement officers. Activists have promised to return every single Wednesday, which is a common strategy for the leftist group, to help build up support for their long-term objective.

Some of the supporters of the protests have come with signs that contain anti-law enforcement sentiments like, “No Good Cops,” “All Cops Are Bastards,” “Abolish Police” and “Police Associations Are Organized Crime.”

All cops are bastards? That sounds like a pretty big generalization. Imagine if someone said “all young black men are criminals?” That would probably spark a riot. And it’s not true, of course.

“We are here as a start of a new weekly protest to topple police associations, to end police associations and you all know it might be a long fight – or it might not,” said Melina Abdullah, the lead organizer of the L.A. chapter of Black Lives Matter at the launch of the demonstrations last week. “But we know every fight we’ve engaged in we have won.”

“Abdullah cited several recent victories claimed by BLM, including defeating former L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey at the ballot box in November, blocking Mayor Eric Garcetti from a Cabinet position in the Biden administration, nudging former LAPD Chief Charlie Beck out the door, and forcing elected officials to defund local police forces,” The Daily Wire reported.

“This is a spiritual fight, and the way that you know that we have spirit, that we have ancestors on our side, is that we always f[******] win,” Abdullah stated. “And that is the evidence that spirit is on our side.”

The L.A. Daily News has reported that the ultimate goal of this campaign is to end policing. Abdullah stated, “their goal was to defund and ultimately abolish the LAPD, via challenging its police union, which they allege has set the rules for how officers are disciplined, at the expense of the public’s safety.”

“Defunding is just shorthand for abolition,” she said.


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