MSNBC Consults Trained Marxist On Biden’s Cabinet Diversity

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

The Democrats are always highly concerned about the appearance of “diversity” when it comes to ethnicity, but never diversity when it comes to ideology.

So while we’re sure to continue to hear much hay made about the intersectional brownie points possessed by those picked to join the (supposedly) incoming Biden administration, you’d better believe this glorious rainbow of Democrat officials are sure to have the ideological diversity of a Soviet state-run propaganda outlet.

I guess it is thus fitting that MSNBC brought on Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza to discuss the “diversity” of Biden’s cabinet picks.

Host Tiffany Cross of The Cross Connection began the segment by underscoring her own close alignment with the views espoused by Garza and her fellow open “trained Marxists” as she was described by BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors in 2018.

“You and I talk a lot about the black agenda you penned. We’ve co-authored a few op-eds together. So, I want to ask, you represent a few different constituencies here, quite honestly. Where are you on the diversity with Biden’s cabinet?” Cross said.

Garza made it clear that it is not ultimately ethnic diversity at the top of the intersectional pyramid, but adherence to its radical ideology.

She began by explaining that “these cabinet appointments are important not just because of representation involved but because of the values that come along with that representation.”

She continued:

It’s important for us to have people who represent and reflect the diversity and the complexity of this country, and people who have the experiences of what it means to be left out and left behind, and, therefore, can legislate in a different kind of way. And I think for us, our perspective on this is that we really want to see appointments all throughout the cabinet and all through the administration that really reflect both of these positions, and that is incredibly important for black communities.

As the Media Research Center noted, “In other words, black people can hold positions of power, but they can still perpetuate racial injustice, and this is what happens when black Republicans get elected.”

Garza explained, “Specifically what we know is that we can have black faces in high places and it can turn out to not be great for us. Right? Like, in the case of what’s happening with Daniel Cameron, in Kentucky.”

Cameron, you may recall, currently serves as the first African American Governor of Kentucky. His rousing speech at the RNC plainly addressed the bigotry with which black conservatives like himself are treated, telling whitesplaining Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden “My mind is my own.”

The black figures that the progressive left doesn’t want you to look up to are men like Cameron, who adhere to the traditional American values that freed the slaves, lifted millions out of oppression and poverty, helped him reach his full potential while spreading freedom and Democracy around the world.

The Democrats, meanwhile, are literally deadly to the black community and one only needs to look at the prominent Democrat-run cities across the nation to see it.

The crime rate in Chicago is certainly not the fault of Republicans—it’s being run by a black, female, lesbian mayor and has been run by Democrats for virtually a century.

They don’t want you to believe that black men are all free and equal, they want you to believe they must fit in their fascist definition of what it means to be “anti-racist” or be declared a race traitor or Uncle Tom.

This isn’t liberty.

It’s ideological tyranny and torture.

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