N.J. Nurse Gets Suspended For Not Wearing Mask At Work To Protest Against Mask Mandate’s Harm To Children

A New Jersey school nurses was suspended after she decided to not wear a mask to work as a form of protest against mask mandates for children attending school in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The nurse, Erin Pein, recently sat down for an interview for the John Solomon Reports podcast, where she stated that she had personally “witnessed these kids being harmed physically, emotionally and developmentally because of these masks. And I put my job on the line to help and protect them. And it’s time for every teacher who cares about kids, every doctor who took an oath and every nurse who’s a patient advocate to stand up and make a stand and start protecting these kids.”

According to Just The News, Pein stated that she shared her concerns with the nursing supervisor through an email exchange, but the supervisor responded by saying that the mask mandate would continue in force. When she requested to speak with the superintendent of the school, the nursing supervisor did not respond.

Pein said that she decided not to wear a mask while working, and she posted a video on a Facebook parent group featuring a nurse showing “how to safely use and reuse a face mask to prevent cross contamination.”

But Pein, who had worked in the Stafford Township School District, said that she was suspended without pay. She said that she has been informed that the board of education voted not to renew her contract, which means she will be cut loose at the end of June. However, Pein said she learned there is a plan to reinstate her pay amid the suspension.

The left wants to keep this charade going forever. Why? Because it provides justification for usurping power away from the people of this country. We must not allow them to get away with this, especially when it comes to the possibility that these masks are actually harming our children.


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