National Republican Congressional Committee Trolls House Dems Beautifully After They Abolish Gender-Specific Language

Gender-neutral pronouns and words are all fun and games until you have to actually start using pronouns and names for familial relationships in real life.

It is one thing to go above and beyond to support and understand the fraction of the population who identifies as a gender other than that their DNA has designated them as, it is quite another to try to rehaul the English language for the sake of not hurting that fraction of the population’s feelings.

If paraplegics can live in a world where we still say things like “walk” and “run” to describe actions taken by the ambulatory population, I think the gender confused can probably learn to cope with the fact that we still use words like “mother” and “father” to describe reality.


Not the House Democrats, who just got trolled beautifully by the National Republican Congressional Committee after the majority party virtue signaled their a$$es off with some absurd changes to House rules that ban the use of “gendered” language because it’s 2021 and things just keep getting stupider.

“With one of their first acts of the new Congress, House Democrats have canceled themselves!” the NRCC wrote above a screenshot of Democrat Rep. Katie Porter’s (CA) Twitter bio which describes her as—gasp!—a “mom.”

What a terrifically insensitive parental unit she is!

“In the rules package they unanimously passed, the socialist Dems banned gendered words like, ‘mother’ & ‘father.’ These Dems are breaking their own woke rules,” the NRCC explained.

They found several other hypocritical Democrats who haven’t followed their dumb ideas to their logical conclusion yet, apparently.




It just keeps going, too.


“In their quest for peak wokeness, the socialist Democrats accidentally canceled themselves,” NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg told the Daily Caller.

We need to see more than a back and forth mocking from the NRCC. Every time they speak on the floor they should make it a point to use gender references.

It’s called in-your-face resistance.

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