New Arizona Department Of Education ‘Equity’ Toolkit Claims 3-Month-Old Babies Are Racist

The Arizona Department of Education has put together an “equity” toolkit that is allegedly designed to help teach critical race theory to young children, going so far as to offer a bunch of different reading options on the topic.

According to The Postmillennial, the toolkit is chock full of all kinds of progressive absurdities. Like saying that the first signs of racism usually show up at around three months of age as white children supposedly “remain strongly biased in favor of whiteness” by the age of five.

The toolkit goes on to insist that babies at this age must be given lectures about race as “letting children draw their own conclusions based on what they see” leads to racism. So, in other words, if you dare to allow your kid to think for themselves, it will automatically lead them to being racist. The data to support this claim seems to be mysteriously missing.

This monstrosity then says that white children are strongly biased in favor of their own race by the time they are five, but, conveniently, this doesn’t exist in black children, because, well, only white people are racist according to critical race theory.

So how are parents advised to solve this issue? By talking to their kids about racism before “their children can speak.” Maybe to by ordering parents to read to children from the 1619 project at bedtime.

Schools are also advised to take a “proactive approach to teaching white students about race and racial identity” and that “race is an essential part of one’s identity.”

According to one of the recommended readings in the toolkit, if someone who is white disputes claims they are racist, that means they are racist and are just denying it so they can “feel better about themselves.”

Parents have been pushing back against the inclusion of this kind of garbage in schools, with many of them taking legal action in school districts that are implementing the use of this toolkit.

Not long ago this kind of indoctrination would have been considered psychological abuse of a child, a felony in many states.

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