New Marist Poll Reveals Biden Approval Crashing In Wake Of Chaos In Afghanistan

A brand new poll showed Thursday that President Joe Biden’s approval rating is taking a truly massive dive in the wake of the mess he’s made with the troop withdrawal in Afghanistan, a debacle that has seen 13 U.S. service members die, along with hundreds of Afghans, not to mention the American citizens that have now been abandoned behind enemy lines.

The Marist poll revealed Biden’s rating dropped all the way down to 43 percent, which is down a total of 6 percentage points from a survey conducted back in July, making it the lowest number for Biden since he first took office, according to reports from NPR.

via Newsmax:

The news outlet said the drop was fueled largely by independents; just 36% approve of the job Biden’s doing, a 10-point drop; 85% of Democrats approve, a 5-point drop, and 5% of Republicans approve, a 1-point dip.

The poll found 41% of adults strongly disapprove of the job Biden’s doing, similar to the number who felt similarly about former President Donald Trump.

In a breakdown, the poll also found:

  • 61% disapprove of Biden’s handling of the Afghan withdrawal.
  • 71% think the war in Afghanistan was a failure, with 38% believing the United States should have withdrawn but left some troops, 37% thinking it should have been a complete pullout and 10% saying no troops should be withdrawn.
  • 29% of respondents think the U.S. has a duty to continue its involvement in Afghanistan; 61% think it needs to be up to Afghans to determine their future without U.S. involvement.
  • 73% say they support allowing refugees to come to the United States, with 49% of Republicans approving of refugees coming to the United States while 44% do not.
  • 44% think the nation is less safe than it was before 9/11 — including two-thirds of Republicans; 30% say it’s safer and 25% say it’s about the same.

You’d think with all of this information, President Biden would want to just go ahead and do the mature thing, which is to take responsibility for what happened by resigning from his post.

However, that would assume that the president has any sense of true morality or that he’s even aware of what in the world is going on, so yeah, that might be too much of a big ask.


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