New Poll Reveals 52% Want To See Biden Resign, But Fear Things Under Harris Will Be Worse

A brand new poll reveals that a good majority of individuals in America have had their fill of President Joe Biden, much of the new hostility against him being stoked by his utter failure in Afghanistan with the whole troop withdrawal that resulted in the Taliban taking over total control of the country.

In fact, these folks are ready to see the man resign, though a lot of them feel that things will be even worse under Vice President Kamala Harris.

via Washington Examiner:

In the latest shocking display of the president’s polling free fall, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey found that a majority, 52%, wants Biden to resign over the withdrawal alone. Just 39% disagrees, far short of his political base.

But, as other polls have shown, likely voters surveyed do not want Vice President Kamala Harris to step in, viewing her as unqualified.

The data, shared in advance with Secrets, twins with the president’s weekly job approval rating, which also shows that the nation, for now, has given up on the aging president who sometimes appears fumbling.

Biden’s approval rating is also plummeting and sits about where former President Donald Trump’s approval-disapproval rating had sunk to at this stage in his presidency.

The president has been desperately attempting to justify and defend the failure in Afghanistan and distract folks from the mess by turning their attention to other issues. However, this new survey reveals that strategy has flopped.

Rasmussen then revealed that 60 percent of voters agree with a statement that was made last week by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham who said, “I think Joe Biden deserves to be impeached because he’s abandoned thousands of Afghans who fought with us and he’s going to abandon some American citizens because he capitulated to the Taliban to a 31 August deadline.”

But as far as Harris goes, only 38 percent of those who were polled stated that she is “qualified” to be the president, while a very large 58 percent stated that she’s not. And 47 percent went on to say she’s “not at all qualified.”

In other words, the one thing that’s preventing an even bigger majority from supporting impeachment or resignation of Joe Biden is the fact that folks think the country would be in worse shape under the leadership of Kamala Harris.

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