New Poll Reveals 63% Of American Voters Not Confident VP Harris Ready To Be President

A brand new survey was conducted by the Trafalgar Group that revealed 63 percent of American voters are not confident that Vice President Kamala Harris is ready to take over the duties of the president.

Participants in the poll were asked, “Based on her performance as Vice President, how confident are you that Kamala Harris is ready to be President?”

A shocking total of 58.6 percent stated they were “not confident at all” that Harris was ready to take over the Oval Office is she needed to, while another 5 percent stated they are “not very confident,” in the survey that was conducted between July 12-13 among 1,161 voters.

via Newsmax:

Only 22.2% said they were “very confident” Harris was ready to be president, and 9.4% said they were “somewhat confident.” Another 4.8% said they were not sure.

Even 42.6% of Democrats said they either were “not confident at all” (35.7%) or “not very confident” (6.9%) in Harris being ready to assume the nation’s top office.

Only 38.3% of Democrats were “very confident” in Harris, according to the survey.

Not surprisingly, 83.8% of Republicans said they had no confidence Harris was ready to lead the country, and another 4.6% said they were not very confident.

Among independents and unaffiliated voters, 59.1% said they had no confidence, and only 19.1% said they were very confident Harris was ready to be chief executive.

More Democrats (39.3%) than Republicans (35.6%) responded in the Trafalgar poll.

More than 63% of the poll respondents were 45 years old or older, and 71.2% were caucasian. Blacks (12.3%), Hispanics (11.5%), and Asians (3.9%) also took part in the survey.

Why do folks have such a low opinion of Harris’ abilities and readiness to dispatch the duties of the president? Probably because she’s given such a lackluster performance as the vice president.

President Joe Biden tasked Harris with ending the border crisis that is currently unfolding down south in states like Texas. It took her months just to make a quick visit down to the border. She’s done nothing to fix the situation at all. If she can’t handle one task, how could she possibly handle the duties of being president?

That’s the question folks want answered.


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