New Poll Reveals That Majority Feel Biden Is Cognitively Impaired And That His Aides Are Doing His Job

Concerns that 78-year-old Joe Biden is suffering from some form of cognitive decline and, therefore, not really physically or mentally fit to discharge the duties of the office of president, have been around since well before the 2020 presidential election.

And the number of folks who think this is true is beginning to grow, thanks in large part to seeing Biden looking frail, slow-walking, refusing to consider certain questions at press conferences, and his seemingly being confused over the situation in Afghanistan.

Not only has his approval rating dipped below 50 percent, which makes it the lowest since he took office in January, but a brand new poll has discovered that not only do likely voters think he’s not mentally fit for duty, but they also think his aides are doing his work for him.

via Washington Examiner:

In the survey, Rasmussen Reports said 52% of respondents said they are not confident that Biden is physically or mentally “up to the job of being president of the United States.” And 41% of respondents said they are “not confident at all.”

Another 46% said they are confident in Biden.

Women, men, white people, Republicans, and middle-aged to elderly voters lack confidence in Biden, according to the survey.

The survey outlet also asked, “Is Joe Biden really doing the job of president, or are others making the decisions for him behind the scenes?”

Again, a slight majority, 51%, said others are doing his work, while 39% said Biden is in charge, down from 47% in March.

The numbers above are fairly similar to ones that were discovered in a SurveyMonkey poll that was conducted just a month into his presidency when 33 percent of those polled said that Biden wasn’t mentally sharp enough to do the job of the president.

“The polling shift from a third to a majority having questions about Biden parallel other findings that the public does not expect Biden to finish out his term and expect Vice President Kamala Harris to fill in,” the WE report stated.

With folks growing more and more concerned about Biden not being able to fulfill his responsibilities as president, it’s time for the Democratic Party to call on the president to take a cognitive test and release the results to the public.

If he is truly okay, then fine. But if he’s not, then he needs to be removed from office. And yes, there’s a possibility that was the plan all along for Democrats. They knew someone like Kamala Harris couldn’t win on her own because she’s not well liked.

However, get her in office as vice president, remove Biden, and boom. The Democratic Party has someone who will do whatever they say sitting in the most powerful office in the country.

It sounds far-fetched, right? And maybe it is. But you never know anymore.


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