New Poll Reveals Voters Feel Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is Unconstitutional Abuse

A new survey has revealed that a majority of voters in the United States do not feel that President Joe Biden has the “constitutional authority” to mandate folks who are part of companies with 100 or more workers (or who own said businesses themselves) take the coronavirus vaccine, and fear that this will set a precedent for future abuses by the executive branch.

The poll concerning the president’s controversial action stated that 58.6 percent of voters stated that Biden doesn’t possess constitutional authority to make this kind of mandate, while 55.5 percent think if it is allowed, it will set up the country for further abuses by the president.

via Washington Examiner:

And significantly, the Trafalgar Group survey, done in cooperation with Convention of States Action, showed wide support for state governors challenging the White House.

biden 1.png

By a margin of 56% to 40%, voters support the moves by governors over the past week to block Biden’s ruling.

“The numbers are clear, the American people passionately oppose Biden’s vaccine mandate, and will not tolerate a president elected by the people acting like a dictator or king,” Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, went on to say about the results.


“Our citizens stand squarely with courageous, principled governors who know this isn’t about health, science, or compassion. It’s a naked political power grab,” he stated.


The Constitution most definitely does not allow President Biden to have the authority to create vaccine mandates or mask mandates of any kind for any person in this country.

Now, if a private business wants to have such a requirement, completely on their own, then that’s fine. But the government cannot force you to put something in your body that you do not want to take.

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