New Rasmussen Survey Reveals Half Of Voters Agree Jan. 6 Suspects Are ‘Political Prisoners’

In a brand new, and honestly, quite shocking, survey, it seems that nearly half of all voters believe the individuals arrested and charged for the riots at the Capitol building back on Jan. 6 are “political prisoners.”

You just know this is going to make liberal heads pop all across the United States. The left wants you to believe that the vast majority of people here in this country are in agreement with them, but that’s not true. In fact, a lot more folks are beginning to wake up.

According to the new Rasmussen Reports survey,  49 percent of voters stated that those who have been jailed for violence and are facing other related charges are currently being held as political prisoners, while 30 percent said they “strongly” agree with that statement.

via Washington Examiner:

Just 42% disagree, said the survey.

Notably, 45% of Democrats agree that the more than 500 arrested are political prisoners.

Rasmussen also found more agree that the FBI’s Jan. 6 dragnet is targeting “patriots.”

Asked to agree or disagree with this statement: “The Department of Justice and the FBI have targeted, imprisoned, and persecuted non-violent American patriots,” 48% agreed, and 46% disagreed.

The findings of this poll are very surprising, especially when you look at how much negative media coverage the riots received, with most of the networks painting the whole thing up to be former President Donald Trump’s fault.

Radical leftists media networks can’t stand the fact that many, many more people, every single day, are waking up to their corruption. They are recognizing that these news outlets are not providing them with the truth, but a slanted opinion, propaganda. All of which is designed to brainwash them into becoming little puppets for the state.

That’s not going to happen. Americans love liberty far, far too much.

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