New Report Says Surge In Unaccompanied Minors Is Headed Straight For The US-Mexico Border

While President Joe Biden is hard at work erasing the Trump administration’s border security policies, he’s about to steer our country into a crisis of his own creation at the U.S.-Mexico border, and when the dust settles on this one, he won’t be able to point the finger back at Trump.

The crisis is coming from a current surge of unaccompanied minors headed right for the border. If the current president would take a few moments to reflect back on the time he served as vice president under Barack Obama, he might recall a similar surge in 2014. Many of these individuals assumed that they wouldn’t have to worry about receiving any consequences if they managed to sneak across the border.

Of course, the problem with that was the large number of individuals who actually crossed was so large they essentially had to come over right in plain sight. Border patrol officials who worked along the border quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer size of the groups spilling across into our country. Those attempting to cross were actually sending their children over on their own.

Why would they do this? Separate from their children? Because these folks knew that unaccompanied minors wouldn’t be denied entry into America. The current law states that once kids who are unaccompanied are stopped by the border patrol, they have just 72 hours to get those kids over to the Department of Health and Human Services. The HHS then puts these kids into a shelter and finds placement for them somewhere on our soil.

When Trump was president he took fast action in order to help secure the border with policies such as the setting up of additional facilities to take care of kids and families, as well as building up a wall to help stop the flow of immigrants.

One such facility is located in the town of Carrizo Springs, Texas. It’s an overflow shelter. It was actually shut down when Trump was in office as it was no longer needed. All of the kids who were being held at the facility were discharged. There are over 1,000 beds at the location. It cost between $750 to $800 to take care of each individual child.

Apparently, thanks to the already disastrous policies of the Biden administration, this facility is being reopened, but due to coronavirus restrictions, they will only be able to hold 700 kids. Yes we are back to kids in cages started by Barack Obama and ended by President Trump. Same old story. Democrat President breaks it, Republican President fixes it, only to have another Democrat President break it again.

This is the same policy and the same facility that former President Trump was criticized over. Yet Biden is now using it. The question is, will he receive the same vile treatment that Trump did during his time as president? Probably not.


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