Not Even CNN Commentator Can Deny the Inevitable [WATCH]

For a football team, when your hometown fans boo at you as you take the field in your own stadium, you know you’ve been playing poorly. For a young student, if your own father tells you the essay you just wrote is crap, it’s probably time to scrap that homework assignment and start from scratch. And for a Democratic president, if the pundits on CNN and/or MSNBC start trashing your performance, you know you’re in a world of hurt.

Such is the case with President Joe Biden who received a thorough beatdown from far-left, ultra-loyal Democrat and CNN commentator and former Obama Administration official Van Jones recently. Add to the equation the fact that Jones’ negativity comes in regarding Biden’s specific results in relation to the black community, and things really start to look ugly. Watch:

During Jones appearance and in a corresponding Op Ed, he dives further into his rationale and recommendations:

“The problem is that Democrats promised or hinted at so many more improvements for Black America: voting rights protections, major police reform, even potential reparations for slavery. None of these issues has been successfully addressed.

Meanwhile some see Democrats’ swift action to pour billions into Ukraine, protect Asian Americans from hate crimes and codify the freedom to marry — and they wish the administration showed equal urgency and efficacy in addressing issues directly impacting the Black community.”

Jones goes into specific detail about the approval ratings for Biden from CNN’s own polling, but he also makes excuses for Biden, predictably, and does his best to pump the “accomplishments” of Team Biden. Ultimately, Jones rightfully concludes that the Administration needs to change course quickly if they are to avoid complete destruction during November’s midterm elections, and indeed if they are to retain power in 2024.

Such candidness from the left and their media has been rare for years now but is becoming increasingly common, and like sighting a robin in early March signals the advent of spring, so too does the criticisms of a Democrat in the White House represent a harbinger of a red wave.

Biden’s been hemorrhaging votes from working-class white and Hispanic voters, and if the trend of black voters abandoning him continues, it could signal a seismic shift in the opinions of our electorate. Van Jones, and indeed others on the left, no doubt recognize these trends, and offering these types of thoughts in plain sight is equivalent to ship signaling “SOS.” The Democrats are trouble, the media knows it, and Van Jones just confirmed it.

By Jordan Case

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author’s opinion.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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