Now Leftists Are Claiming Conservatives Dislike Big Government Because Racism. No, Really.

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

In what is perhaps the craziest take on why white conservative voters are racist this time, an MSNBC guest boldly declared that we all dislike big government because government favors the colored people.

No, I’m not even kidding, she actually said this.

On Saturday morning’s Velshi, MSNBC host Ali Velshi collaborated with author and co-chair of leftist group Color of Change Heather McGhee for a hateful segment where the two leftists declared that all who oppose their policy preferences are racist.

The Media Research Center’s NewsBusters drew attention to the segment, in which MSNBC host Ali Velshi discussed this bizarre line of reasoning with Color of Change author Heather McGhee.

While introducing her, Velshi declared that white people “prop up” systems that are “not in their economic interests” for the sole sake of preventing “progress and prosperity for people of color.”

This was all for the sake of his glowing promotion of McGhee’s book, “The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together” which something tells me doesn’t have a whole lot of togetherness within its pages. Just a wild guess.

He stated:

Racism is something that has defined the United States since its very founding. In fact, it infects nearly all facets of American life like health care about which we just heard. But it also affects our politics and our economics. The false belief that progress and prosperity for people of color comes at the expense of white people has helped prop up racist systems for generations. This zero-sum theory is what author Heather McGhee tackles in her new book “The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together.” In it, she examines the self-destructive bargain of white supremacy and how much we’ve lost economically as a country due to racism in terms of a dollar amount. A study released last year by Citigroup found that America has lost at least $16 trillion to racism in the last two decades and Heather McGhee, author of The Sum of Us, joins me now. Heather, thank you for being with us. I’ve enjoyed listening to you — you were on with my friend Chris Hayes last night and one of the things that appeals to me about your book is the discussion that you have about how people, often white people or people who have power and privilege in society, often make decisions that are not in their economic interests or work against their own prosperity because they feel like giving other people, in this case black people, certain rights and privileges will take away some of their own.

McGhee was more than happy to reply with outrageously baseless claims about the values of small-government conservatives:

White people are actually the largest group of the uninsured and yet ever since the Affordable Care Act was signed by our first black president, the majority of white people have disapproved of the pretty modest idea that is ObamaCare and there’s a huge correlation between racial resentment against black people and the southern, in most cases, states and also Maine which is the whitest state in the nation’s refusal to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare. So it’s this idea that government is on the side of people of color and that is why there’s such a fierce antigovernment skepticism and suspicion among the majority of white voters — the majority of white voters who have voted for the Republican Party for president. Leftists seriously haven’t yet figured out why their particular brand of anti-racism is so repellant to the majority of Americans, have they?

“Darn those white people and their racist” *shuffles deck, picks card* “small-government conservatism.”

You’d have to make an exerted effort to deliberately not be informed about why people are conservative, how the economy works, and the function of the federal government to make such an asinine assessment of why white people vote the way they do.

If you go to your local bookseller to buy this book, proceed to the fiction section to find it. There isn’t an ounce of truth in this garbage.

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