Nunes Tears Democrats A New One, Says They Are ‘Kindred Spirits’ With Cuban Socialists

Rep. Devin Nunes recently sat down for an interview with Newsmax in which he stated that the Biden administration is “stuck” with their extremely pathetic and weak response to the Cuban government’s attempts to silence their own citizens fighting for liberty, due to the fact that progressives have such a strong influence on their party.

“Where the hell is the Biden administration?” Nunes said during his conversation on Wednesday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.” “The only thing we’ve heard from them is something about peaceful protests. We heard rumors about maybe this is COVID, that they’re not getting vaccinated.”

“I’m surprised they haven’t blamed global warming yet,” he said sarcastically.

“This is the one chance we’ve had in over 50 years to maybe get a regime change,” Nunes added.

If there’s one thing that Nunes knows a lot about, it’s both socialism and communism, as these are the subjects of a book he published last November called, “Countdown to Socialism,” which focuses on how the radical progressive movement in the U.S. is slowly pushing the country toward communism.

“The Democrats have been in bed with the Castro regime for a long time, and that’s their problem,” Nunes said during his talk with host Greg Kelly. They’ve got themselves stuck and now they can’t get themselves out.”

“That’s what my book is about: The Democratic Party has become a socialist party. So they’re maybe a little bit kindred spirits and such,” Nunes continued.

via Newsmax:

President Joe Biden is the wrong man to follow former President Donald Trump who increased the pressure on Cuba by restoring America’s strong stance against Cuba’s communist regime.

“The Obama-Biden administration did nothing to help this problem,” Nunes said as Cuba has been roiled by economic woes, energy shortages, a food crisis, and now protests against the government, where they chant “libertad” – Spanish for “liberty” – in the streets.

“They made it worse, and now they have people living an absolute nightmare there and they have been for a long time,” the congressman said.

Nunes then spoke about how the Biden administration’s “do not come” message to Cuban citizens seeking asylum shows that they are actually in support of the communist regime in the country.

“They’re as sure as hell not saying that about the border with Mexico,” Nunes said. “They’re saying the opposite, refugee status.”

Nunes called on the Biden administration to go to the United Nations to demand liberation for the oppressed Cuban people, and for the Coast Guard to offer assistance in immigrating from communism to the United States.

“Wouldn’t that be nice – since we’re taking refugees from everywhere across the world?” Nunes went on to say, adding, “Look Greg, I don’t mean to get a little ticked off here, but it’s just outrageous. What has happened to those people for multiple generations is an atrocity and we’ve ought to be ashamed of it that we’ve let this go on for this long.”

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