Openly Violent Antifa Member With Weird Fetishes Is Children’s Camp Counselor

We’re going to have to teach our children about this period of history one day.

I’m not looking forward to it.

An Antifa militant behind a hit list of Seattle business owners that resulted in threats and harassment has been identified by the good folks at The Post-Millennial as a “trans nonbinary furry and children’s camp counselor who has been arrested multiple times at violent protests.”


Mikaele Andrew Baker, 23, tweeted out a lengthy list of local business owners last week who had signed a petition begging Mayor Jenny Durkan to put a stop to the second iteration of the notorious “CHAZ” or “autonomous zone” which is being established in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Last summer’s CHAZ, originally known as CHOP before the anarchists in charge all butted heads and allowed crime and violence the flourish over the summer, resulting in the shooting death of two young black men within the zone before the city finally mustered up the cojones to clear the literal disaster zone.

It’s no wonder that Seattle business owners have called on the city to stop what appears to be a repeat of the fiasco.

After Baker, under the pseudonym “@ComradeFlute” (he apparently plays a flute), tweeted out the list of now-doxed business owners they received threats.

“These are the businesses (and literally one, single resident) that signed a petition to sweep Cal Anderson Park. No further comment,” Baker tweeted.

A fellow Antifa activist followed up this tweet with a list of all the addresses associated with the business owners.

Yes, these are the people who profess to be “anti-fascist” publishing lists the names and addresses of those who don’t think they should be allowed to trash entire neighborhoods of private businesses in the name of their stupid social media-borne pseudo-philosophy.

“The fact of the matter is that there are now dozens of people occupying the park who are not unhoused, but rather are treating the park as a base of operations for their occupied protest,” the business owners had written in their letter to Mayor Durkan dated December 14th.

“What this translates into is the blocking [of] the entrances to the park, constant damage to park infrastructure, regular bonfires and intimidating and threatening behavior directed at our community members—not to mention the staff of our nearby institutions and city employees, they continued.

None of this mattered to Baker, of course, who declared that “If we do stop this sweep, that’s a victory, and we can carry that energy to the next action” in a painfully idiotic and naval-gazing statement.

The PM gathered quite a bit of intel on this very odd person, who could not be more emblematic of 21st Century bourgeois neo-Marxist activism.

Baker has frequently called for violence against “evil” and expressed support for the notion of shooting “racists.”

He is also “a member of the Youth Liberation Front, an Antifa group responsible for organizing violent direct actions in Portland, Seattle and elsewhere.”

“Despite Baker’s extremism, they work with young children as a childcare worker and counselor at summer camps in the Pacific Northwest. Under their pseudonym, Baker posts frequently about working with children,” the outlet explains.

Additionally, Baker has been arrested multiple times at violent Antifa protests and is the vice-chair of the Washington Progressive Party.

“The police exist, and have always existed, for one purpose: to uphold the current social order by inflicting violence on American citizens,” Baker wrote for the party in response to the death of George Floyd in May. “This is what the police did when they were slave-catchers, this is what the police did when they turned fire-hoses on Civil Rights protesters, this is what the police are doing now when they teargas us, beat us, and shoot us with rubber bullets.”

He was also a certified state delegate for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign.

“Online, Baker identifies as an ‘antifascist catgirl’ and is open about their sexual fetishes, including having a desire for ‘punishment enemas’ and exploring their ‘pet side,” the PM adds.


The PM also notes:

The City of Seattle sent in a large team of police officers to Cal Anderson Park on Friday to protect a clean-up crew at the dismantling of the autonomous zone encampment.

In an email, Baker acknowledged receiving The Post Millennial’s inquiry but declined to comment.

“I do not consent to be interviewed or quoted for your publication, and respectfully ask that you please refrain from using my name or quoting me,” they wrote. Baker has also locked down their Twitter account.

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