Opinion Piece: Is the Constitution Dying or Already Dead?

Today our judicial/political system has devolved into a political payoff for loyal democrats/socialists.

The worm has turned from blacks being denied rights spelled out in the Constitution to all of our citizens being denied the same rights. Almost 60 years ago, one of the most famous political speeches in our history was given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial:

“I have a dream today, So let freedom ring, from Stone Mountain of Georgia, Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi, from every mountainside, and when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring from every town and every hamlet, from every state and city, we will be able to speed up the day when all Gods’ children ___ black men, white men, Jews and gentiles, Protestants and Catholics___ will be able to join hands and sing the words of the old negro spiritual, “Free at last, Free at Last, Thank God almighty, we are free at last!” M.L. King

The Constitution is being ignored by the political operatives in the judiciary.  What rights have been taken from you while you sleep?  The list is sadly quite extensive. Freedom of speech has been supplanted by the concept of hate speech.  Some people have always been rude but screaming “go eat a doughnut” is now beyond the Pale, and you will be cast out by the members of the electronic society and the Judiciary.  Freedom of Assembly is only allowed if you are a representative of the socialist party.  The whole purpose of the Amendment was to be able to protest the ruling class, and it is now gone.

The right of search and seizure of your personal communications is so far gone that it will never be reinstated because you have mated with your electronic devices.  Am I interested in hearing that you went to dinner with your snotty kids?  Not really!  No warrants are necessary, just log in and listen or the FBI can just add incriminating information at their leisure.

The right to a speedy trial has devolved into being held incommunicado for years in the DC gulag and is beyond the comprehension of an English justice system. Civil asset forfeiture for alleged illegal acts without trial is a nice budget fattener for the locals.  Today our judicial system has devolved into a convenient political payoff and dumping grounds for those paid off by a seat on the bench while being passed by on the road to power.

Our congressmen have no personal morality, which has led to this elimination of your rights. They only respond to the movements of the slug of DC that crawls in a structured manner requiring no independent thought.  “Vote with me for this bill or I won’t vote with you later.  I will get even when you least expect it if you do not.”  That, of course, means the withholding of contributions and employment opportunities from lobbyist contacts by Bitch McConnell.  That, of course, means that they are far too busy to address the devolution of your rights.  Desperate fear of social and financial ostracism back home created this colony of misfits and ner’do wells in the first place.  Why would you assume they would be transformed into honest and moral individuals by just crossing the city limits into the pit of DC?

This is the same Jr. High playground you remember and is operating under the same rules. The stakes are theoretically world empire, but they are actually just a field in which pockets are stuffed for a desired result.  This is why no systemic changes can be allowed.  Do you remember John Anderson, Ron Paul, Ross Perot, or the Tea Party that all attempted to reverse the course before President Trump?  Many people do not.  They were all ignored or ridiculed by the machine many years ago.

The moral deterioration of the country had reached such levels that Mr. Trump unexpectedly rode a wave into office with the effect of bringing light into the crevasses of power.  Unfortunately, being a rude and self-aggrandizing Yankee created many targets for his ridicule. Continuous DC attempts to strangle the citizens’ voices by attacking him kept Trump on the defensive throughout his tenure.

DC and their Wall Street controllers have shown their contempt for you and the law.  Seeing McConnell, Graham, and Obama slithering along the same path as always is indicative of their total interest in only themselves and not you or the country.  We are now only viewed as necessary serfs that have to be tolerated so that the wealth we produce can be extorted or embezzled for our betters’ use.

The question I put to you keyboard commandos is sadly amusing.  It requires very little effort but would be an interesting beginning to standing for your rights.  Would you put away your credit card and pay cash?  Think about it!  No one would know what you purchased and where you were, and when.  Digital currency could not be introduced, and our access to our funds could not be cut off at their leisure.  Your local business would get a 2-3% rise in profit which might allay a price increase later.  It is a win, win-win, but I am sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble.

Our founders are no doubt rolling around in their graves at what we have done to the beautiful nation they shed their blood and lost their fortunes to establish. If we don’t take appropriate action and get involved soon, there may not be a free America left to protect. What a sad thought.

Will we go the way of the Roman empire and many other nations before us? Or will we tirelessly defend the values and principles we hold dear? Our way of life depends on the choices we make.


This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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