Over 100 Illegal Aliens With COVID-19 Released By Border Patrol In Texas

There have now been 108 illegal aliens released by the Border Patrol in the state of Texas since the end of January. All of them have tested positive for the coronavirus virus after arriving in the United States.

Felipe Romero, a spokesman for the Texas border city of Brownsville stated that municipality officials are now advising these individuals to quarantine and strictly follow the guidelines that have been put out by the CDC, but he also stated they do not have the authority to prevent these individuals from going to other states in the country.

According to Newsmax, Romero stated that illegals who have the coronavirus represent 6.3 percent of the total number of individuals who have been rapid-tested at the city’s main bus station. That is a very significant number. Each of these individuals is capable of spreading this illness far and wide, something that would not be tolerated by Democrats at all if these individuals were natural born citizens.

Apparently spreading COVID is no longer a concern. Wait. These idiots are going apoplectic over Texas Governor Abbott’s decision to lift COVID restrictions for Texas residents and businesses. It is surprising that these illegal aliens haven’t been  moved to the front of the line for COVID vaccine shots.

NBC News reported that city officials told Noticias Telemundo Investiga that it is advising migrants with coronavirus to go to nonprofits in the area for help in finding places they can isolate, but several illegal immigrants who tested positive said they would soon go to other cities,” Newsmax said.

Good thing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t calling the shots. He would have ordered that they be quarantined in area nursing homes.

“A worker for one of the bus companies at the terminal said passengers must wear masks on board and use hand sanitizer gel, but the company cannot ask travellers for coronavirus tests before getting on a bus,” the report continued.

No passports are required by illegal aliens to get into the US. Why would anybody require them to have a COVID passport to get on a bus?


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