Oxford Music Faculty Says Sheet Music Is ‘Colonialist,’ Questions If Music Program Is Complicit ‘In White Supremacy’

Music faculty who teach at the University of Oxford have reportedly called western musical notation a “colonialist representational system” as they attempt to try making changes to the music education offerings at the school.

According to a report from TheBlaze, there have been proposals made to change these documents that have been picked up by the Telegraph, which seem to suggest the school is rethinking the current study of musical notation as a means of “decolonizing” the program.

However, the school itself is saying that there have not been any suggestions of removing sheet music from the curriculum, though that claim does contradict what is contained in the Telegraph report.

“The notation, which has not “shaken off its connection to its colonial past” would be a “slap in the face” for some students of color, the documents reportedly stated. The university has since clarified that it has no plans to remove sheet music from curriculum,” TheBlaze reports.

“They specifically took issue with the classical collection taught at the school — which includes works by Mozart and Beethoven — alleging it focuses too much on ‘white European music from the slave period,'” the report continues.

These woke faculty members then went on to propose that certain classical music skills, like playing the piano and conducting an orchestra, should no longer be mandatory because these activities are “structurally center white European music,” which according to them causes, “students of color great distress.”

You know, it would be nice to know who these “students of color” are who are in “great distress” over these skills for these exact reasons. Woke social justice warriors alway say something offends a particular group but never produces any actual proof said individuals actually exist.

The faculty members who started all this say the want to offer a more “inclusive” range of music topics such as “African and African Diasporic Musics,” “Global Musics,” and “Popular Musics.”

The school’s current curriculum already has a section for “non-Eurocentric” course options, but these professors who want to get some changes made said that the teachers of these courses are “almost all-white faculty.”

So what inspired this little movement? Try Black Lives Matter, a group that seems bound and determined to cause upheaval in not only our culture, but in society at large, all over the world.

How long before BLM demands that the house in DC located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue be painted black and renamed? Don’t laugh.

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