Parents Rebel After Texas’s Top Rated School District Attempts to Institutionalize Racism

A suburb of Dallas, Texas has now found themselves the subject of national media coverage and arrests of some of the school board’s members after parents discovered what the schools have been teaching their kids under the banner of so-called “racial justice.”

According to The Federalist, these parents weren’t about to allow their kids to be brainwashed with Marxist lies and have started to fight back by filing lawsuits and launching challengers to try and take two school board seats.

Carroll Independent School District of Southlake has been rated the top-achieving school district in Texas. This particular district has zero racial achievement gaps, which is almost totally unheard of in the realm of education. The reason for this success? Southlake is the kind of area that attracts high-achieving families of all walks of life and ethnicities.

“The local median income is more than four times the national average and poverty there is statistically nonexistent. According to district data, ‘microaggressions,’ bullying, and racially charged incidents happen approximately three times per month in the district of 8,500 students, meaning they involve 0.3 percent of students a year,” The Federalist reports.

“Yet, beginning in 2018, the district rushed into an eye-popping ‘cultural competence’ plan after two videos of students singing the n-word along with rappers went viral on social media. Media outlets went nuts on the story, and so did local school board meetings, where sometimes-crying taxpayers, parents, and students spent hours insisting their lives have been forever damaged by the kind of “institutional racism” in Southlake illustrated by the rap sing-alongs,” the report continues.

Strangely, the complaint wasn’t that rappers use this horrible racial slur in their music, or that parents have been allowing their kids to listen to this kind of music. The complaint was focused on teasing and graffiti instead. They wanted the school district to end these kinds of behaviors and to treat them like crimes or be labeled as enabling “institutional racism.”

“Retired Dallas Cowboys player Russell Maryland and Robin Cornish, the widow of another Cowboy, who both have kids in the district, used national media appearances to pressure the town to enact a “Cultural Competence Action Plan,” or CCAP. A long-form article from NBC News in January that quotes Cornish accuses the town of harboring racists,” The Federalist says.

“Cornish also told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in February 2019 the school district was ‘sweeping this under the carpet, and they are complicit. Unfortunately, this is the way our country is right now. Southlake is a microcosm of that. We have someone running the country right now who says it’s OK to be racist,'” the report adds.

“The idea that America is fundamentally flawed because some people have a [racist] problem in their minds, that’s a recipe to keep you in poverty and unhappiness for the rest of your life,” said Juan Saldivar, who has a child that attends a school in the district, said as he tried to explain why he opposes the restructuring of Southlake schools around “systemic racism.” “My parents always told me it doesn’t matter whether people like you, it matters whether the law protects you, and it does.”

He then went on to say that most parents who are not in favor of the district’s push into racial extremism over the past three years don’t want to speak to media outlets because their views on this particular issue is often depicted as being racist, despite the fact their ultimate goals are to combat racism and make sure that equal treatment and academic excellence is something that continues for all Carroll students.

The school district has a full on presentation that is clearly designed to brainwash children into thinking that practically everything you say or do is racist. It’s crazy the amount of work and detail these people put into spreading the message of Marx.

Don’t think that this district in Texas is the only place this is happening. It’s going on everywhere.

It’s spreading like COVID. Like calling people who don’t acknowledge their implicit bias as asymptotic. They have the disease but do not experience outward symptoms.

The idea of systemic racism is an illusion. A myth.


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