PATHETIC: Eric Swalwell Is Suing Trump for Emotional Distress From January 6

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Eric Swalwell, most famous for farting on national television and sleeping with a Chinese honeypot spy named Fang Fang when he was a local California assemblyman, is now suing former President Donald Trump because the January 6th attack on the Capitol Building was just too much for him.

Has he considered how pathetic this is?

Especially since he was one of the House impeachment managers in the second trial against the former president. So he had the emotional fortitude to put together that piece of low-brow political theatre after the January 6th attacks, but now he simply can’t go on without millions in retribution for his suffering.

In the 65-page complaint, the Washington Times explains, Swalwell accused Trump of being responsible for the attack and being negligent in his official duties as president.

I’m sorry, was it President Donald Trump who repeatedly turned down National Guard support ahead of the attacks?

No, no, that’s right, it was Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It was Trump who repeatedly offered additional support, which Pelosi, then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser turned down because of the “optics.”

Boy has that not aged well—they don’t seem to care about the “optics” of keeping thousands of National Guard troops in D.C., apparently indefinitely. Not to mention the “optics” of slandering millions of peaceful, law-abiding Trump supporters as terrorists.

The Examiner notes that Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) are also listed as defendants, noting that they also gave comments to the same crowd as President Trump on January 6th.

“In claiming for weeks that President Biden’s victory was in fact the largest act of fraud in American history; in seeing that some of Trump’s supporters were willing to engage in violence in response to such claims; and in using highly inflammatory language in repeating the false claims of fraud at the rally before sending the crowd to the Capitol, the Defendants at a minimum acted negligently,” the complaint reads.

This is the same guy, by the way, who claimed for four years without a scrap of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election, by the way. Did I not mention that yet?

He is either shameless or painfully ignorant.

Probably both. After all, he’s a Democrat. Their ethics and morals elevator has no bottom floor.

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