PBS Correspondent Admits, Live On The Air, There’s A Crisis At The Border: ‘Numbers Don’t Lie’

PBS Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor admitted live on the air during the channel’s Sunday program “Meet The Press,” that there was a “crisis at the border,” and went on to take issue with how the Biden administration is currently handling the issue.


According to the Postmillennial, the video kicks things off with the interviewer asking Alcindor, “The politics of immigration have never gone well for Democrats recently. Are they ready for this?”

“Only time will tell of Democrats are ready for this, because you have a White House that is wanting to say there is not a crisis at the border, but the numbers don’t, ummm, lie,” Alcindor responded.

“You have a number of unaccompanied minors that are just, that are coming to the border, that are being held in facilities that even progressive Democrats are pointing to and saying ‘if that’s what we call humane, there’s a problem there,'” she added.

“You also, of course, have a Democratic conference that have really been stuck on the issue of immigration. Time and time again they have tried to do this. They have this big bill now that’s sitting in the Senate, it seems, and sitting in Congress. It seems as though it’s gonna have to be broken up,” Alcindor continued.

“So there are just, I think, a lot of different unanswered questions on this. And there’s a real big problem at the border that’s continuing to brew. And I think this White House, I think, is really gonna have to contend with that,” the PBS correspondent said.

There’s definitely a problem at the southern border and it all started when Biden decided to erase all of the immigration policies from the former Trump administration. Biden’s shoulders are where the blame for this crisis needs to be placed.

Biden’s Homeland Secretary has already blamed Trump.

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