Pelosi’s True Colors Seep Through as Clip Emerges Regarding Her Feelings About Honest Americans

Remember when Nancy Antoinette went to a salon that had been closed by Covid policies of the sort she championed, pressing the owner to open it for her but no one else?

Remember when she showed off her hugely expensive freezer, full of gourmet ice cream, at a time when many Americans were out of work thanks to Covid? If you don’t, here’s that video:

So, perhaps she has good taste in ice cream, but Pelosi had certifiably poor taste in what to post or say when average Americans were suffering.

And now she’s back at it, though perhaps she’s gotten worse, going from out-of-touch to somewhat demeaning.

That, at least, is the impression given by recently leaked audio, audio that the RNC released alongside a video of the infamous ice cream video. Here’s the leaked audio:

The Gateway Pundit, reporting on what can be heard in the leaked clip, reports that:

“And to this day, my husband, Paul, who was born and raised in San Francisco – I was born and raised in Baltimore – to this day, he likes to dine at 8 and I like to eat at 5:30, like a peasant,” Pelosi said in the undated audio released by RNC Research on Wednesday.

Yikes. It does not appear, however, that the audio clip and the video the RNC used for it are related in anything other than spirit. Though her elitism is present in both, it appears that the two incidents were otherwise separate.

Wayne Dupree’s site found some excellent comments from around the web about the audio. Here’s what people are saying according to that outlet:

“I honestly can’t believe she actually used that word. There’s out of touch, then there’s Nancy Pelosi levels of of out of touch. We need a word or phrase to express how insane that sounds.”

“The elites even eat at a better time than I do. I am so far below them.”

“Always had a feeling that was how she referred to the people.”

“I couldn’t despise Pelosi any more than I do.”

“She’s an out-of-touch serial liar and a corrupt person. Term limits!”

“I do admire her husband for marrying her, knowing damn well that he was going to wake up to that every morning for the next 50 years. God bless you, sir for taking one for the team. You’re a real Patriot.”

“That’s what most elitists think about the common American, I knew that’s how she viewed Americans .”

“To this day, she hasn’t learned about Fixodent.”

“Queen Nancy is showing her true colors as she sits on her pedestal”

This is how all Dems feel about middle-class Americans.

They don’t care about the struggles or the challenges any of us face.

“Shut up about gas prices, and buy a 60K electric car, peasants…” 

Pelosi is such an elitist. She and her stock trading need to go, now! Until then, America will continue to be ruled by people like Nancy Antoinette.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative

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