Peter Doocy and KJP Go Head-to-Head During WH Presser; Take a Guess at Who is the Winner

By definition, anyone hired based on their diversity and intersectional identities will not be the best. Merit and diversity are anathema to one another. Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris for his Vice President for the singular reason that she checked off boxes for being a black woman. Ditto for Ketanji Brown-Jackson and double ditto for Jen Psaki’s replacement Karine Jean-Pierre.

This isn’t a difficult concept, but all leftists lack self-awareness, introspection, and the ability to assimilate new information with their rigid dogma. That leaves us with someone so utterly bad at her job that it’s astonishing she is able to wake up in the morning.

This week alone, the White House is going full 1984 by rewriting the definition of a recession, joining the list of vaccine, man, woman, and countless other troublesome words that interfered with their agenda. The city of D.C. also realized that illegal immigration isn’t so wonderful when it personally affects you. 

Fox News’ Peter Doocy took advantage of these issues and lit up the feeble-minded and disastrous logician Jean-Pierre during some recent press room engagements.

Louder with Crowder sets this up:

“By the time you read this, the GDP report may be out and we may be in a recession. A recession is defined as two-quarters of negative GDP growth. That’s why the White House wants to redefine a recession as not that. They also want to redefine “inflation reduction” as increasing inflation with massive government spending and tax hikes, but we’ll get to the “Inflation Reduction Act” later. Doocy has the floor, and it’s fun watching him make Karine Jean-Pierre answer questions.”

Two such questions have come this week in mind-numbingly stupid exchanges. Jean-Pierre is in so far over her head it’s beyond comedy. To be sure, though, it is not a tragedy, because she’s a narrative-guzzling and narrative-spewing half-demon that doesn’t deserve any of our pity. She hates everyone that doesn’t get The Next Current Thing implanted in their equally tiny brains or dogmatically accept what the Regime has to say. 

Here is the first exchange:

Doocy: “If things are going so great, why are White House officials are redefining recession?”

Jean-Pierre: “We are not.”

Doocy: “It’s two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth… How is that not redefining recession?”

Jean-Pierre: “That’s not the definition.”

And here is the second exchange:

Jean-Pierre: “Republicans are using migrants as a political tool.”

Doocy: “So the White House’s preference would be for small towns in Texas and Arizona to take care of these migrants and not DC.”

Jean-Pierre: “They are sending migrants to big cities as a political ploy.”

It doesn’t get much more painful than this. Jen Psaki was a miserable and snarky wench, but at least she could play the game. Jean-Pierre, as a diversity hire, simply isn’t up to muster. She’s a far cry from Kayleigh McEnany. I miss her every day.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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