Philadelphia Cop Shot in Line of Duty, Barely Escapes With His Life

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to become District Attorney, one must be elected. It is the people, the voters, who decide on who will be the top law enforcement official in the City of Brotherly Love. Thanks to the leftwing/mainstream media and a 7:1 ratio of registered Democrats Vs Republicans, a far-left Democrat by the name of Larry Krasner was elected D.A. in 2017, and he has followed through with his promise of a soft-on-crime approach to prosecuting criminals. And the devastating results have been all too predictable.

On Friday, a SWAT team from Philadelphia P.D. were executing a search warrant. A suspect named Kristian Reyes, who has since been charged with multiple offenses including attempted murder and various drug manufacturing crimes, wasn’t going to go quietly. He opened fire on police and struck one officer in the chest. Fortunately, that officer was wearing a bulletproof vest and has therefore lived to tell his story. Watch a recap of the story here:

Make no mistake, Larry Krasner has been an absolute darling of the left. He speaks their language, railing against imaginary systemic racism. He follows through on his radical promises, such as firing dozens of competent prosecutors from his department in his first week in office. He went after pharmaceutical companies while ignoring violent crime on his streets, and he eliminated cash bail requirements for those accused of certain crimes, including felonies. Krasner promised to be what violent criminals dream of for a D.A., and he hasn’t disappointed them.

Crime is now running rampant in the once-great city of Philadelphia. Murder, rape, and robbery have skyrocketed in the city. Citizens are fleeing the town in droves. And now, cops are being shot at by emboldened drug dealers, no doubt counting on being treated gently by Krasner and his criminal-loving lawyers.

Krasner’s embrace by the left has been complete and even included a series on PBS’ Independent Lens called “Philly D.A.,” which served as little more than a campaign commercial in his easy re-election victory last year. But let’s consider the blatant double standards at play here.

If Kristian Reyes had been killed by police during Friday’s raid – which he’s lucky he wasn’t – what would have been the reaction by the left? Would anyone have been surprised if there were protests and riots on Philly’s streets?

The left and their media profess to be defenders of people of color with Black Lives Matter, meanwhile, the vast majority of the victims of the soaring violent crime rate in Philadelphia are minorities. Why does the left only care when minorities are killed by police, justly or unjustly, but couldn’t care less when black and Latino folks are mowed down on the streets due to the insane “defund the police” approach for which they’re responsible?

If Kristian Reyes was bold enough to try and kill a police officer, would he have hesitated to kill an innocent bystander near one of his drug deals? And how many other thugs like Kristian Reyes are roaming the streets of Philadelphia and other cities run by radical leftists, just waiting to strike down their next victim? Friday’s incident is indicative of what happens when leftwing policies are enacted, and it shows what happens when you continue to elect radically leftist Democrats to important positions. When will the voters in Democrat-run cities learn?

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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