PHOTOS: Molotov Cocktails Recovered Outside Seattle Police Union

On Monday, the Seattle Police Department tweeted out a photo of Molotov cocktails that were recovered outside of the city’s police union building.

Photos show at least three Corona beer bottles with liquid inside them and bandanas shoved through the top.

According to KIRO 7, several “protesters” were arrested outside the Seattle Police Officers Guild building.


The report explained that when law enforcement began to make arrests, protesters launched explosives and rocks towards them.

Fox News notes:

Late last month, authorities in the city announced that they were looking for two individuals they said threw Molotov cocktails at the Seattle Police Officers Guild and were caught on video.

SPOG President Mike Solan called on a local city council member to condemn the violence against police officers.

“Criminal actors conducting acts of domestic terrorism are bent on killing police officers and destroying private and public property. Enough is enough,” he said. “Seattle deserves public safety.”

He is absolutely right.

This is terrorism. “Terrorism” is, by definition, the use of violence to achieve political aims.

These are tactics that have been employed at various riots around the country, as it becomes entirely impossible to deny that these are coordinated militant efforts to cause unrest and chaos.

Far from “peaceful protests.”

When is the mainstream media going to stop completely lying to us? Maybe right after they admit that President Trump did not collude with the Russians to steal the 2020 election.

A protest is protected by the First Amendment and does not involve violence against anyone else, much less officers of the peace. Instead of liberal indoctrination classes about critical race theory and inherent bias by white folks, the left should conduct training courses on peaceful protests led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is an assault on the rule of law, and that’s entirely the point of these militant efforts, too.

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