PLOT TWIST: Michael Brown’s Father Is Suing Black Lives Matter for Millions

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

The father of Michael Brown and other Ferguson, Missouri-area activists are suing the notorious organization Black Lives Matter for failing to provide them with support while raking in millions.

You mean they’re surprised?

The protests over Michael Brown’s shooting death at the hands of a white police officer kicked off the BLM movement and helped launch the group into the spotlight.

The Obama DOJ found that the narrative of Brown’s death while begging “hands up, don’t shoot” wasn’t, in reality, exactly how it happened, but none of that mattered to BLM and the violent, divisive movement they helped launch based on lies and misinformation.

This is just the latest accusation that the national arm has left its local affiliates behind, however.

In a video posted to Twitter, WND reports, “frontline organizer” Tory Russell appeared alongside Michael Brown, Sr. to explain their $20 million suit against the organization they say has not provided sufficient aid to them and other activists around the country.

“Today, we hold Black Lives Matter accountable,” Russell says in the video, which came in response to news that BLM pulled in $90 million in donations last year.

Brown received just $500 of this money.

In other words, they want their “fair share”.

“What kind of movement are we building when we say ‘black lives matter’ but the freedom fighters and the families are being left behind,” Russell asked.

“Where is our restitution?” he asked. “We’re not begging for a handout, we’re coming for what we deserve.”

That sounds eerily familiar. Right out of the liberal Democrat talking points.

In December, 10 local BLM chapters issued a local letter calling out the national arm for lack of transparency into how funds are distributed, making similar complaints of tight-fistedness.

In response, BLM released detailed financial information for the first time in eight years.

“Russell said he would use the $20 million he demands for Black Panther-style programs, annual commemorations of Michael Brown’s life and the organizing of anti-racist fellowships and stipends,” BPR notes.

Notice he said nothing about starting a fund for business owners who lost everything in the ensuing riots that resulted from their son’s strong armed robbery of a convenience store clerk half his size and then attacking and attempting to disarm a police officer. The business owners had nothing to do with Mike Brown’s unlawful behavior. What about what they deserve from the $90 million?


Like everything else in life, it’s about the money.

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