Police Investigating After BLM Supporter Allegedly Struck Trump Supporter With His Vehicle in Washington

The news cycle has moved on from the shooting death of Patriot Prayer member Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson in Portland on August 29th, but the broader violent conflict that led to his death still continues.

Of course, most of this is due to complete failure in leadership to hold criminals accountable and the cozy, protective blanket the mainstream media pulls over the entire messy situation in Portland, Oregon, where rioters have been given the run of the place for months on end.

Now, we have learned of a suspected hit-and-run incident involving an irate BLM perp and a Trump-supporting victim which, naturally, the liberal media has been largely silent about.

You’ve got to know if it had been the other way around, we’d be hearing about it until November 3.

Red State explains that, last weekend, friends of Danielson, who was shot and killed by Michael Reinoehl, self-described “100% Antifa” who vaguely admitted to the shooting just before he was gunned down by federal agents last week, gathered to honor the memory of the deceased.

After the memorial, a group of mourners went to Charlie’s Bar and Grill, where they were allegedly harassed by Charles “Robbie” Holliday-Smith, according to Rex Fergus, the outlet notes.

Fox 12 reported:

“He came into the bar and immediately was aggressive with everyone that was in the bar. He was aggressive with the bouncer, he was aggressive with everyone that he came into contact with, he came into the bar immediately pulled his phone out and started coming over to our tables and putting his phone in our faces,” Fergus said.

No verbal confrontation occurred inside the bar and the victim left after contact with security staff, police said. The victim and his friends also went outside where the parties verbally communicated with each other, according to police.

“The suspect got into his vehicle, drove toward the victim, hit him, and then fled from the parking lot,” according to detectives.

This is no internet gossip, either. Holliday-Smith has, in fact, been arrested and is facing charges which include first-degree assault and a felony hit-and-run.

Moon, meanwhile, sustained serious injuries including a brain bleed but is reportedly recovering in the hospital, according to Red State.

They also note that “Apart from the local media who covered the attack, there has been no national media coverage of this attack. Likely because it doesn’t lend itself to the fiction of the poor peaceful Antifa goons just trying to bring more ‘peace’ to the world. First, a targeted murder, now what is allegedly an attempt to run someone over. They just keep upping the violence.”

For how much longer is our nation’s media going to ignore this glaring trend of political violence? And when will people not in agreement with these domestic terrorists going to start reasonably defending themselves? They have the God-given and legal right to do so.

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