Portland Church Will Now Struggle To Care For The Homeless Due To Repairing Damage From Riot

A church that is located in the embattled city of Portland, Oregon that was vandalized during the nearly endless barrage of riots that have happened since the death of George Floyd last year, will now struggle to provide meals for the homeless population due to having to spend so much of their budget on repairing the damage done by rioters.

According to the Western Journal, the First Christian Church sustained extensive damage from all of the civil unrest that has happened in the city of Portland, as riots and protesting exploded last Friday evening.

“Sometimes when windows are broken in a riot, it’s not a specific statement by one individual,” Cynthia McBride, the lead pastor at the progressive church, said to local news outlet KGW-TV.

“It’s more people who seem to be caught up in the angst of the moment,” the paster stated.

“I felt frustrated because even the effort of putting plywood and having to repair windows again takes funding away from the important work we do to feed the vulnerable,” she went on to say.

The church is going to stay open, but McBride is now hoping the violence will calm down a bit.

“We need to find a better way to move forward together, to resolve injustices and to do so without violence,” she added.



While the church is definitely on the liberal side of the fence, they still serve a vital purpose in the local community, helping to care for the homeless folks in the area. To do this requires a lot of funds, which they now do not have since so much of what they had is being spent on the repairs that need made.

How is this helping the community, BLM? Please inform the rest of us how what you are doing is making positive change.

Maybe some of the reported $100 million taken in over the last year can be spent on repairing the church and feeding the homeless.

What fool would give money to BLM anyway?


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