Portland Rioters Now Going After ICE Buildings, Residential Neighborhoods

During the Democratic National Convention this week, several of the nation’s top members of the party repeated the patently false claim that President Donald Trump had unleashed federal agents on “peaceful protesters” in the now infamously Antifa-ridden Oregon city.

“Peaceful” is a flat-out lie, and it almost seems as if the violent rioters themselves have set out to refute this preposterous talking point.

Townhall’s Julio Rosas, who has been on the ground amid the violence in Portland and other major cities in the unrest that has followed the death of George Floyd, reports that the rioters and agitators are now targeting ICE buildings and residential neighborhoods.

Portland rioters and agitators continue to cause mayhem at night in areas that are no longer in the downtown areas of the city. On Thursday night, groups of protesters and rioters targeted the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building and demonstrated in some residential neighborhoods.

If this sounds an awful lot like “The Purge” to you, that’s probably because it is.

Rosas notes that one crowd walked through a sleeping neighborhood, chanting for residents to “Wake up! Wake up, motherf**kers, wake up!” while shining flashlights in their neighborhoods.

One has to wonder if notoriously deep-blue Portland residents aren’t suddenly starting to see the value of the Second Amendment after all, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, at an ICE detention facility, “agitators tried to disable the building’s security cameras and banged on the fencing while ignoring the Federal Protective Service’s warning to stop the criminal activity. This is separate from the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse, which was heavily targeted by rioters in July after extra federal officers had to be deployed to protect the building.”

Federal officers were once again forced to respond to this “peaceful” protest, dispersing the crowd with tear gas and pepper balls. They were assisted by the Portland Police, who pushed the crowd away after they’d fallen back a few blocks (but not before setting fires as they went. Those “peaceful” arsonists are at it again.)

Rosas notes: “Portland is on track to reach 100 days of protests and riots as the district attorney announced he will not follow through on many cases, including those charged with rioting, resulting in those who are arrested to be released and allowed to partake in demonstrations.”

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