Predictably, Tim Scott’s RNC Speech Brought Out the Left’s Full-Fledged Racism

If you want to know what real racism looks like, just stick a black conservative in front of a bunch of angry progressives.

Progressives were already pretty irate that the Republicans had the audacity to have a national convention this week (the nerve!), so it for sure threw them over the edge that the first night’s headliner was Republican Senator Tim Scott (SC).

You see, progressives are all about “elevating black voices,” as long as those black voices happen to say the right things.

When they’re confronted with the very shocking reality that black Americans, like every other American, have a wide array of views and perspectives and that *gasp!* there are black Republicans, suddenly the army of “anti-racists” turns into a bunch of, well, racists.

Hateful and hypocritical Twitter users piled on the senator, using disgusting and tired old racist tropes, calling him an “Uncle Tom” and “House N*****” as compiled Red State:



At least one Democrat lawmaker, Rep. Steve Cohen (TN) liked a tweet suggesting that Sen. Scott “may as well” be white and that he was Trump’s “new black friend since he killed the last one with covid,” a reference to the late Herman Cain (who was very far from Trump’s only black friend, of course).


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