President Biden Condemns Assaults On Jewish Community ‘Despicable’

President Joe Biden has come out and condemned violent attacks that have been launched against the Jewish community here in the United States and countries around the world as a result of the violence that erupted between Israel and Hamas.

There have been numerous physical and verbal assaults launched against Jews in New York City, Los Angeles, and South Florida during the intense 11 days of fighting in the Middle East region.

“The recent attacks on the Jewish community are despicable, and they must stop. I condemn this hateful behavior at home and abroad — it’s up to all of us to give hate no safe harbor,” Biden posted on Twitter.

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United States posted a tweet thanking the president and stated that he hoped those responsible for the attacks were caught and brought to justice and future crimes deterred.

“The demonization of Israel is clearly sparking this rise in antisemitism. It must be stopped,” Erdan stated.

via Newsmax:

Five major Jewish groups urged Biden on Friday to call out antisemitism and recommended specific actions, including fighting hate on college campuses and enhanced security for religious institutions.

In a letter, the groups said there have been numerous antisemitic incidents around the world and in the United States, including on social media, since the Gaza conflict began.

“The perpetrators of these attacks deliberately targeted Jewish institutions and individuals for no other reason than their religion, justifying it with age-old antisemitic tropes, exaggerated claims, and inflammatory rhetoric,” the letter stated.

Joseph Borgen, 29, said he was attacked in New York’s Times Square on Thursday night by a group of people who shouted antisemitic slurs at him. A video of the attack on Borgen, who wore a Jewish skullcap, was broadcast repeatedly on cable news television at the weekend.

“As long as more and more awareness can be brought to this issue, hopefully, some positive change can be made,” he said during an interview with CNN on Monday.

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, mediated by Egypt, has now held into its fourth day as of Monday. Medical officials have stated that 248 people died in Gaza during the 11 days of fighting.

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