President Of Seattle School Board Threatens Volunteers With Trespassing Charge, But Demands Homeless Camp Remain On Campus

Seattle School Board President Chandra Hampson threatened a group of volunteers with trespassing after she found out they were giving out leaflets concerning the recent homeless encampment on campus and the school officials’ refusal to address the issue.

A new report from the Postmillennial, students who came to school for in-person learning at Broadview Thomson K-8, located on Greenwood Ave. on Monday for the first time in well over a year discovered that a homeless encampment featuring over 40 tents waiting for them on school grounds. The encampment has been on school property ever since last July and is one of two public schools in the city that has reported having an encampment on campus.

“City officials and school board members have declined to meet with the group of neighbors, parents and employees who are seeking to address the encampments. In emails sent by neighbors and employees to The Post Millennial, Hampson and Director Zachary DeWolf demanded Mayor Jenny Durkan not allow the encampments to be removed from school grounds,” the PM report said.

“I want to state very clearly this is not an ask for a sweep! I do not believe in sweeps. People experiencing homelessness need housing and resources not traumatic sweeps of their livelihoods and belongings. I understand that the Council has allocated and assigned a lot of funding to support our neighbors experiencing homelessness. BUT we do need some support — we are bringing students back to classrooms and school buildings/campuses in a matter of a few weeks. Do you have any ideas for how to help?” Hampson and DeWolf wrote.

“Hampson and DeWolf published a joint statement condemning any potential removal of encampments from school property or anywhere else in the city ‘We demand sweeps NEVER be performed on school grounds, adjacent or elsewhere in this City.’ Meanwhile, SPS superintendent Denise Juneau admitted in an email to neighbors obtained by The Post Millennial that ‘We realize people living unsheltered in encampments can create health and safety hazards for their occupants and the general public,'” the PM report continued.

A group of parents, employees, and neighbors met students and their parents on the first day back for in-class learning and handed out some literature and flyers describing the situation with the homeless encampments and the inaction of the school officials to take care of the problem.

The group stated that many of the parents were not aware of the encampments on school property where kids would be returning for class and to play on the playground.

Here’s what the flyer looked like:

“The school locked a fence between the campers and the building due to drug use, used needles and the danger presented to students and families. King County vans have been spotted near the property giving out boxes of needles to addicts.  The locked gate prevented access for parents and caregivers dropping off their children including at least one elderly grandparent trying to get his grandchild to school. The school was also forced to hire security, after Seattle Public Schools ended their relationship with the Seattle Police Department last year in the wake of the death of George Floyd and demanded no officers on campus,” PM said in their report.

Neighbors in the area told the media that a woman actually died of an overdose in the encampment back in February, stating her body was left in the street for hours. There have also been reports of theft, drug issues, dead rats tied to sticks, and all kinds of things you don’t want to see on the property of a place you send your child for hours a day.

An email was obtained by PM from a representative from the group who contacted officials after the flyer distribution on Monday, inquiring about an update.

Hampson proceeded to threaten the group with trespassing, while also demanding that campers remain on school grounds.

“I hope you stayed on public sidewalks while handing out flyers? That wouldn’t be allowed on school grounds per policy 4200. To be clear Policies are the purview of the Board while anything with an SP is the purview of the Superintendent and their designees. 4200 and SP also give the right for a hearing for those officially trespassed,” Hampson replied.

So it’s trespassing if you’re trying to make the school grounds safe for your child, but if you want to kick back and shoot some heroin in a tent inside the encampment, well, that’s okay? This is unacceptable.

Come to think of it, using the public school as a homeless encampment instead of a school might not be a bad idea in light of the socialist and race based indoctrination going on in K-8 public schools. We can spare the students of this emotional abuse.


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