Professor Says It’s Time for Vote Reparations—Votes for Black Americans Should Count Twice

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

One of the worst aspects of woke ideology is the painfully ironic concept of fighting perceived systemic racism with…more systemic racism.

It’s just as foolish as thinking you can fight poverty with socialism—but at the end of the day, woke critical theory is just the cultural offshoot of Marxism.

A professor has declared that black Americans, who in generations past fought fiercely for the right to vote, should have their votes counted twice in some sort of vote reparation.

Well then what about women who were also denied to vote until 1920 and do you want to guess what he thinks about the Electoral College?

The Blaze reports that Brandon Hasbrouck teaches criminal law, race relations law, and even a whole course on critical race theory as an assistant professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law.

The Columns reported that the CRT course “examines the institutionalization of racism in the development of American law. It explores the development of critical race theory, investigates the uses and meanings of race in U.S. legal institutions and ideology, and maps the connections between critical race theory and broader national debates about race, racism and racial justice.”

In a piece penned for The Nation last week, Hasbrouck declared that, “The Votes of Black Americans Should Count Twice.”

“Vote reparations would empower us to replace oppressive institutions with life-affirming structures of economic, social, and political equality,” Hasbrouck asserted. “And if our elected representatives did not prioritize this transformational work, we could vote them out.”

And sure enough, he fingers the Electoral College as a “core problem” as it was established by the Constitution’s framers to “protect the interests of slave states” (you had to know the revisionist history was right around the corner, too).

“Along with the Senate, the Electoral College was critical in the endurance of slavery and its continuation by other means,” Hasbrook declared.

“Wyoming, which has just 580,000 residents and is 93 percent white, gets three electors because of its two senators and one representative in the House,” he continued.

“By comparison, Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District — which includes Atlanta, has 710,000 residents, and is 58 percent Black — has no dedicated electors or senators and can only occasionally overcome the mostly white and conservative votes from elsewhere in the state.”

They can blame the Democrat Party that mostly black Atlanta has no dedicated electors. And they can blame former Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams.

Hasbrook is either uninformed or hoping we’re ignorant of the fact that there was a time in our nation’s history when the majority of blacks lived in the very rural areas meant to benefit from the Electoral College and that blacks overwhelmingly voted Republican

It wasn’t until after the Great Depression that disenfranchised rural blacks moved in large numbers to densely populated cities looking for work and better housing, albeit before the Civil Rights Act protected their right to vote nationally.

Either way, where blacks currently live has nothing to do with the reason the Electoral College was established.

If he was teaching legitimate history, he would know that—or at least, he wouldn’t try to keep us ignorant of this fact.

If the Electoral College is not abolished, thus, Hasbrouck insists, the nation must “implement vote reparations by double-counting ballots cast by all Black residents.”

He threw in the same suggestion for Native American voters as well.

“Slavery is rightly called America’s original sin, but so too was the United States’ genocidal seizure of land from its original inhabitants,” he continued.

“Vote reparations would empower us to replace oppressive institutions with life-affirming structures of economic, social, and political equality,” he proposed. “And if our elected representatives did not prioritize this transformational work, we could vote them out.”

Did you catch that? “Replace oppressive institutions with life-affirming structures”—what does that even mean? Language like this sounds nice but is so vague and subjective it can mean literally anything.

And considering this is coming from a far-left progressive adherent to CRT, we can only guess what “life-affirming” and “oppressive institutions” look like to this professor.

Maybe he means affirmative action programs that give preferential treatment to blacks in employment hiring and promotion decisions and college admissions over more qualified whites and Asians.

“Because white votes currently count more than Black ones, double-counting Black votes would restore electoral balance,” the professor opined. “Vote reparations would be a giant step toward remedying our nation’s long history of denying and devaluing Black votes.”

“To address systemic racism, we must transform how we choose our government,” he concluded.

You had to know this was coming.

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